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Zimbabwe: Dam Building Gets Top Priority

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Treasury says it will prioritise the completion of key water bodies in 2021 given their significance to the overall performance of the Zimbabwean economy.

Estimated funding for dam infrastructure in the 2021 National Budget is $10,7 billion.

The country is largely an agriculture-based economy, with most of its industrial output back-linking to the sector. And according to official estimates, the sector also contributes approximately 17 percent to Zimbabwe’s gross domestic product (GDP).

But beyond just facilitating the agriculture sector, dam infrastructure is an integral part of basic infrastructure insofar as it offers indispensable benefits in the form of hydro-power, domestic and industrial water supply, flood control, drought mitigation, navigation and recreation.

“Overall support for dam projects amount to $10,7 billion, with focus on Gwayi-Shangani and Chivhu dams that are targeted for completion during 2021,” said Treasury in its 2021 Zimbabwe Infrastructure Investment Programme document.

“While both Marovanyati and Causeway Dams have been physically completed, the provision covers for outstanding certificates, irrigation conveyancing infrastructure and other minor works on the projects.”

It is expected that execution on other dams such as Bindura, Dande, Tuli Manyange, Semwa and Silverstroom will be sustained with funding from the fiscus.

This includes commencement works on Kunzvi Musami, Zimunya and Vungu Dams.