Yellowstone Megavolcano Might Erupt Sooner Than Expected: Will It End Life On Earth?

Posted on Oct 13 2017 - 5:05am by admin

Uh oh! A huge volcano located underneath Yellowstone National Park may lead the Earth into a volcanic winter by erupting sooner than expected. Read all the details here!

A giant volcano is brewing underneath the popular Yellowstone National Park and it’s not looking pretty. If it erupts sooner than expected, Arizona State researchers say it could cause the Earth to go into an abrupt volcanic winter, according to NY Daily News. Right now, the supervolcano is sleeping but it could develop the conditions it needs to erupt in as soon as a few decades. It originally was expected to take centuries for it to blow after a previous major explosion. The new discovery was found in the minerals in fossilized volcanic ash. The minerals helped to show that it only took a few decades for changes in temperature and composition to occur.

Another discovery is that the magma reservoir that feeds the volcano is two times larger than scientists thought. This means that the reservoir is actually almost the same size it was when the volcano last erupted. “What we’re seeing now agrees with the geologic data that we have about past eruptions,” University of Utah scientist, James Farrell told National Geographic in 2013. “And that means there’s the potential for the same type of eruption that we’ve seen in the past.”

One thing all researchers agree with is that there is no for sure way that they can predict the exact time the next volcano will occur and the slim chances are comparable to the chances of an asteroid hitting the earth. With the many natural disasters occurring lately, it’s not surprising that there are changes that could lead to unexpected events such as this. We’ll just have to hold out and see what happens and in the meantime, try and stay as safe as possible.

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