Winter Storm Quinn 5 Things About The Blizzard Expected To Dump 12 Inches In The Northeast Tonight

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 9:18pm by admin

Here we go again. Winter stages yet another comeback, as a second nor’easter will soon hit the East Coast. Before Winter Storm Quinn drops over a foot of snow in some places, get all the info.

1. It should crash into the North East around Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning. The storm, named Winter Storm Quinn, initially started in the west over the North Plains on March 5. After battering the Midwest with snow and wind, it’s now making its way east. While the exact track of the storm is uncertain, people living in the northeast should be prepared for Quinn to arrive Tuesday evening (March 6) / Wednesday morning (March 7). The “lion’s hare” of the storm will hit Wednesday-Thursday.

2. The whole northeast is going to get rocked. The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings from eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the Hudson Valley of New York and for pretty much the whole of New England, according to The Weather Channel. If you live in Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Albany, Portland, and Boston, get ready for some cold weather. The storm will reach as far south as northern Maryland, while covering as far north as northern Maine.

3. Lousy smarch weather will bring snow, wind and flooding. Check local listings, but right now, places near and west/northwest of Interstates 95 – from eastern Pennsylvania to northern New Jersey to eastern Maine and pretty much everything in between – will get 6” inches of snow or more. More than a foot of snow may fall in some parts of New England, so be prepared. If that wasn’t bad enough, those on the coastline could feel wind gusts up to 40 mph. Throw in some minor to locally moderate coastal flooding, and it’s evident that Winter Storm Quinn is going to be lousy.

4. It’s the second nor’easter in less than a week. Quinn is arriving after Winter Storm Riley smacked the northeast with heavy rains, strong winds and snow. At the height of Riley’s power, more than 2 million people lost power, according to The Weather Channel. As of March 5, nearly half a million homes and businesses were still in the dark. The storm, which walloped areas from the Great Lakes down to the South East, has been blamed for nine deaths. Quinn is expected to be snowier than Riley, and the winds and flooding shouldn’t be as strong.

5. It should be over by Thursday. The snow will tape from south to north for most of March 8, lingering in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire overnight. The low pressure front should track offshore of coastal Maine towards Nova Scotia. Winds will continue to affect parts of New England, but it should be done by Friday. Here’s hoping everyone stays warm and gets through this storm in one piece.

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