Winter Storm Noah: Brutal Blizzard Hits Northeast Leaving People Stranded — Wild Pics

Posted on Feb 19 2018 - 6:48am by admin

Yikes! Winter Storm Noah is making an impact from NYC to the Washington D.C. metro area and freezing temperatures are affecting people’s commutes.

Winter Storm Noah started pushing off the coast of New England on the morning of Feb. 18 after a bunch of snow flurries fell all along Interstate 95 Northeast the night before and it’s definitely been causing a major problem for commuters! The storm is not considered major but has been making quite an impact with a round of wintry precipitation and temperatures below freezing that are expected to cause slick roads. More than five inches of snow had already accumulated in the Boston area and up to nine in some parts of the New Jersey area by the morning. Central Park in NYC saw around 4.4 inches of snowfall during the same hours.

As with any intense blizzard, many Twitter users in the New England area tweeted wild photos from the storm. One Virginia resident’s post showed a picturesque snowy white scene from outside a window and it looked like a winter wonderland. “Big fluffy snowflakes. I don’t like the snow much, but if it’s going to snow… I like it to be pretty like this. #snow #WestVirginia,” her tweet read. Another user showed a pic of a similar scene with snow-covered trees and added the caption, “Not much, but it is beautiful. Only second or third time this winter of snow covering the yard. Not far from Dulles.”

Another photo showed snow atop a series of cars in a parking lot while another user in New Jersey posted a video of the gorgeous night snowfall. One user had some fun and made a snowman with a clever name. “this is our snowman named Noah!!!,” the tweet read. Another photo showed ice skaters skating with a blanket of snow coming down in Bryant Park.

Although snow is usually common in the Northeast for this part of the year, Winter Storm Noah is the first moderate storm since Winter Storm Grayson hit the same areas just after New Year’s Day. Since Spring is within a month, these next few weeks could be the last few times we’ll be seeing snow flurries in a while, so despite the travel issues people are having, it’s good to know some are still enjoying the beauty of winter!

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