Winter Storm Liam: Everything To Know About The Snow & Ice Storm Hitting The Northeast

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 2:51pm by admin

A brutal snowstorm is barreling through the Northeastern United States on Feb. 7 — here’s everything you need to know about Winter Storm Liam!

If you live in the midwest and northeast…brace yourself for some snow! Winter Storm Liam first hit the midwest on the evening of Feb. 6 into the morning of Feb. 7, leaving bitter cold and a dusting of snow throughout Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Most midwestern areas haven’t seen more than just a few inches of snow, if that. However, as the storm travels east, ice and snow is expected to strengthen, particularly in areas across the Ohio valley, northwestern New York and toward Vermont and Maine. Snow, freezing rain and sleet are all expected, and the cold temperatures mixed with precipitation are expected to leave fairly disastrous travel conditions. Those in areas affected by this storm are advised to proceed with caution on the likely ice-slicked roads.

Throughout Feb. 7 and into the evening, moderate to heavy snow is expected from Ohio to New England, according to Cities like New York City and Boston can expect a bit of snow in the morning, turning to rain by the afternoon. South of NYC, in areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C., a lot of rain is expected. The storm should be heading to Canada by late Wednesday, so the bouts of precipitation should be over by the Thursday morning commute. Six inches of snowfall are expected in the areas that will be hit the hardest.

If you’re in any of these areas that will be hit by Winter Storm Liam, stay warm and stay safe!

HollywoodLifers, are you prepared for Winter Storm Liam? Do you think we’ll get any more major blizzards this year?

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