Why Goodluck Jonathan Will Win in 2015 – Reno Omokri

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different Assistant to Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri shares his thoughts in writing on why he believes the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan will win the February 2015 presidential election.

My dear brothers and sisters, a number of you’ve gotten requested me, specifically on Social Media, why i think President Goodluck Jonathan deserves your vote. i will use this space to reply to that question headlong and unequivocally, because I believe with each fiber of my being that reelecting President Jonathan is the best plan of action that Nigerians can take if we don’t need to return to the previous ways in which the federal government dictated to us rather than related to us.

the whole thing concerning the emergence of President Jonathan as the candidate of the PDP shows his celebration and it’s candidate as the only actually nationwide candidate. The nationwide convention within the Federal Capital Territory, which is referred to as the ‘middle of cohesion’ used to be auspicious and befitting because the PDP is the one political birthday celebration that tasks one united and indivisible Nigeria.

Nigerians can take delight within the PDP and its pan Nigerian credentials. The birthday party does not have regional bases. the entire nation is its base.

The ruling has a unique means to unite as a celebration that goes on to unite Nigeria as a nation.
The PDP is the most important birthday party in Africa and under this banner, we’ve got grown our economy to the purpose where it’s now the most important financial system in Africa proving that because the PDP grows more suitable, Nigeria grows greater.

And with all due admire, the choice between the PDP’s candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan and the opposition’s candidate, common Muhammadu Buhari is clear.

Lagosians who are lately escaping Lagos traffic by means of the air conditioned Goodluck educate must be underneath no illusion that this provider just appeared from nowhere. No. It came about by way of a visionary long term plan whose final purpose when absolutely implanted will see a Lagos-Ibadan high speed metro line to be able to permit people reside in Ibadan and work in Lagos. The contract was once signed in August 2012 for $ 1.5 billion and the administration of the chinese firm CCECC has mobilized to site.

The undertaking itself, being a part of the Interstate Rail venture, has been listed through KPMG as one of the most world’s prime 100 infrastructure projects!

this is a success of the concept Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande had way again in 1982-three but which was delayed when the military notion that they had murdered that concept by using canceling the mission. however that venture has been given new existence lately by way of the President Goodluck Jonathan administration as a result of as Thomas Sankara mentioned “you cannot kill ideas”.

Some folks erroneously think that President Jonathan won’t do neatly in the 2015 election in Katsina State, however the folks of Katsina will vote for President Jonathan because he built the one Federal college in Katsina state as well as the only 6 Almajiri colleges in that state. ahead of the ascension of the President to energy, Katsina and 11 other states had no Federal Universities.!

The 2015 election is about information. The President has his record and the opposition have theirs.
the days of promoting a candidate in line with his ethnicity, region and religion should go without end. 2015 have to be about considerations, records and ideas!

I, Reno Omokri, am proud to claim that President Jonathan has by no means publicly or privately known as for violence or bloodshed.

President Jonathan’s has bequeathed a good Human proper report to Nigeria. No political Prisoners exist in Nigeria. no person is imprisoned for his or her views under President Jonathan. what’s the opposition’s Human proper document?

When President Jonathan took place of work in 2010, it used to take an average of 7-8 hours to go from Benin to Lagos. nowadays, after the reconstruction. (not repair) of the Benin-Ore street, that very same ride can also be done in three hours and the President despatched the Coordinating Minister for the economic system, Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to undertake the ride and check the Estimated shuttle Time on that road.

Some individuals say the opposition is coming to battle corruption and i ask them if they have got viewed the newest Corruption notion Index launched with the aid of Transparency international 2 weeks in the past?

under President Jonathan, Nigeria advanced eight points upward in the scale proving that the President is tackling corruption headlong.

the major growth Nigeria made within the 2014 Corruption notion Index launched with the aid of Transparency international are the results of the medical surgical incision made by means of President Jonathan on the root of corruption in Nigeria.

gone are the exhibit trials that glorify fashion over substance with media prosecutions that don’t lead to convictions. beneath Jonathan, Nigeria has had extra corruption convictions than at another time and Transparency international observed.

keep in mind that the Fertilizer Procurement and Distribution sub sector of the Agricultural sector was a veritable channel of corruption. Billions of greenbacks went into personal pockets as middlemen inflated prices and provided adulterated products to farmers. however below President Jonathan’s watch, 14 million farmers have been registered with the aid of the Ministry of Agriculture who linked them straight away to the product through an e-pockets machine in which the Agriculture ministry ship texts to farmers to head and decide up their fertilizer and seeds direct from their locality.

What higher anti corruption credential can you have got than to weed out 50,000 ghost workers from the Federal Civil carrier saving Nigeria virtually 350 billion Naira every year?

As I speak to you, the Abuja-Kaduna Rail challenge has been achieved, under funds and below the time frame for which this administration promised which is as a result of the new efficiency of the Federal Civil service which, through the Federal Ministry of Works, had been ready to supervise the contractors effectively as a result of no kickbacks exchanged hands.

My brothers and sisters, as I unveil my candidate to you, i’m confident no longer handiest that he’s going to win the 2015 Presidential elections in accordance with his file, i’ll additional name on you and different neatly meaning Nigerians, that in the event you worth human existence, please urge INEC to make candidates take an oath not to incite violence when they lose in 2015.

I occasionally wonder if the opposition suppose that President Jonathan is a time traveller. Why do I say so? When the opposition says Nigeria’s downside is Jonathan most likely they will have to give an explanation for why we had issues when a few of them where in energy. Is it that President Jonathan travelled again into the past to create the problems they confronted?

they say that President Jonathan has no longer achieved the rest.

if that’s the case is it that President Jonathan bribed the UN to say that Nigeria’s average life Expectancy rose from 47 to 52 years below his administration, or he bribed the world financial Fund, IMF, to advertise Nigeria to a center profits Nation in 2013 from a Low profits Nation ahead of that?

Or he bribed KPMG to checklist our interstate excessive pace Rail undertaking as one of the most world’s high a hundred infrastructure tasks? Did he compromise the international food policy analysis Institute to claim that starvation has decreased in Nigeria below Jonathan from 16% to 14.1%?

i am not pronouncing that Nigeria’s problems are all solved. How may they be? It took us 50 years to get to the purpose we have been ahead of President Jonathan was president in 2010. undoubtedly it is going to take us greater than four years to get out of the problems we faced for 1/2 a century.’

but one thing i will say is that we are making development underneath President Jonathan. Elections are actually free and fair and we have bade farewell to do or die elections.

people can say what they like and be certain of freedom of speech and freedom after the speech.
The generation of politically encouraged assassinations are gone.

Our railways had been revived, our major highways have both been revived or are in a state of being revived.

All those 12 states that did not have universities previous to Jonathan’s ascension now have universities.

In as of late’s Nigeria, you cannot name a state in Nigeria where Jonathan has no longer built either a brand new college, a secondary school, a health center or a brand new street!

President Jonathan is aware of that a mind is a bad factor to waste thus Jonathan built one hundred fifty schools for Almajiri. and then some say that he has only scratched the skin. My response to them is that if earlier administrations had likewise scratched the skin, we received’t have 12 million youngsters out of the formal training device in Nigeria!

President Jonathan is building colleges in each state because if disadvantaged kids had faculties within the 80s they shouldn’t have grown up into adults that believe that books are haram!

these areas that did not have global airports prior to Jonathan now have.

nowadays, Hyundai, Kia and Nissan have opened up car manufacturing/meeting vegetation in Nigeria while the federal government, most especially the Presidency, is patronizing Innoson cars as reputable vehicles.

Nigerians want steadiness in their leader. You received’t marry a person who jumps from relationship to relationship, so why strengthen a Presidential aspirant who jumps from party to party?

From 1999 until these days, President Goodluck Jonathan has remained in one birthday party come rain come shine. Who within the opposition can make the sort of claim?

Nigerians need to understand what a candidate will do for them. they don’t wish to take heed to candidates bicker like motor park touts. Even those that do not improve the President or the PDP have as a minimum heard of the Transformation Agenda. have you heard of the opposition’s agenda?

As elections means, predict more panic attacks from a birthday party that spent its time insulting and criticizing the President as a substitute of promoting its concepts to Nigerians.

they are saying that they will type a parallel government in the event that they lose in 2015. under Jonathan, elections held in Edo, Anambra, Ondo, Ekiti and Osun. which of them were rigged? Why is APC rejecting 2015 elections in 2014?

My brother and sisters, never enable those who swore that they were determined to make some components of Nigeria “ungovernable” shake you and turn your center of attention from the verifiable progress Nigeria is making below President Goodluck Jonathan. i will be able to guarantee that just as he stated when he declared his passion to contest the 2015 Presidential elections, underneath President Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria “will never go back to the old methods”!

with the aid of Reno Omokri, The special Assistant to Goodluck Jonathan on New Media

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