Who is Afraid of Goodluck Jonathan? (1), By Femi Aribisala

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Some folks say Goodluck Jonathan is “clueless.”  they would even have us imagine he’s a vulnerable president.  if so, how come his opponents are a great deal petrified of him?  individuals are no longer inclined to fear weaklings.  therefore it is telling that Goodluck Jonathan should be essentially the most feared Head of State within the history of Nigeria.

given that he used to be thrown up as president with the aid of divine providence, Jonathan has elicited the most vociferous opposition ever.  each trick in the guide has been thrown at him to stop him from turning into president and from continuing to be president.  At each flip, this has failed woefully.  The evidence signifies that the opposition is definite that Jonathan is unstoppable at the polls.  subsequently, the emphasis has been directed extra at combating him from running for president and at irritating his rule than at defeating him at the 2015 election.
Serial losers
Jonathan fought the 2011 election with a mystic that utterly overwhelmed the opposition.  A cabal from the North insisted every other Northerner should full Yar’Adua’s time period of place of work.  in the course of, they became the election into a regional contest.  A clique within the PDP decided to shortlist and choose a Northern opponent towards Jonathan, yes that his defeat could be a foregone conclusion.
They rejected a former president, Ibrahim Babangida, and selected Atiku Abubakar, a former vice-president no much less, and heir of the much-vaunted PDM political equipment of the late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua; to use the knock-out punches to Jonathan in the PDP presidential primaries of 2011.  but shock shock, the election was once not even shut.  Jonathan not simplest defeated Atiku, he just about eviscerated the person.
Thereafter, the hope of the Northern cabal fell to another regional champion, Mohammadu Buhari.  On paper, Jonathan used to be no fit for Buhari.  Buhari was once a lot better identified and much better hyped.  He had been Head of State some 30 years past, and had refused to go away the political scene thereafter.  He fought the election for the presidency twice and misplaced twice.  Then he needed to face Jonathan, allegedly a “greenhorn.”
again, the election was no longer shut.  Jonathan dismantled Buhari with a plurality of over 10 million votes.  He even received eight million votes in the North, to Buhari’s 12 million.  Then he very nearly cleaned up within the South.  From then on, the fear of Jonathan turned into the political wisdom of the cabal.  This has manifested in plenty of shenanigans in the past 4 years.  then again, the result of those has best been to beef up Jonathan’s position as he proceeds to move to the citizens once more in 2015 to seek a 2d-term in administrative center.
bitter grapes
Having misplaced the PDP primaries ignominiously to Jonathan, Atiku become a prophet of doom.  He mentioned: “folks that make peaceful alternate not possible make violent trade inevitable.”  of course, the one alternate that is peaceable is the one whereby Jonathan either foregoes re-election or is defeated at the polls.  A Jonathan victory was once, within the common sense of Atiku, an invite to violent trade. 
but one must ask the former vice-president this question: “Would the proposed violent exchange spare prophet Atiku, who was vice-president for eight years and who is alleged to have cornered juicy public corporations from his vantage level as head of the privatization software underneath Obasanjo?”  Perceptions are occasionally more important than truth.  due to this fact, violent exchange would also have Atiku as one of its primary objectives.
For his part, the threats of Muhammadu Buhari all over the 2011 election campaign resulted in widespread violence by way of his supporters within the North after he lost.  They went on a rampage; looting and killing; despite the truth that, by using all debts, the elections had been adjudged essentially the most free and honest in the history of Nigeria’s current democratic test.  by the point the mayhem had subsided, over 1000 folks had been slaughtered in chilly blood, including harmless nationwide youth carrier Corp contributors, and some 65,000 Nigerians became displaced. 
Undaunted, Buhari went on to declare in a remark made pointedly in Hausa in a BBC interview that: “If what took place in 2011 must again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.” 
Phantom settlement
Having realised that by some political alchemy, Goodluck Jonathan is impregnable at the polls, the process of his opponents has been to insist that he cannot are searching for re-election, as a substitute of constructing concrete plans about how one can defeat him at the polls.  The Niger State governor, Babngida Aliyu, came up with the allegation that Jonathan had previous signed an settlement with some governors in 2011 that he would now not are searching for re-election but would simplest serve for one time period; after which the PDP presidential candidacy would be zoned to the North.
This was curious at best possible.  Northerners had dominated the us of a for lengthy stretches of 38 out of 54 years; at no time had been any of them required to signal term-restrict agreements.  but now that it used to be the turn of a South-South president, we have been intended to imagine such an settlement used to be extracted from him by Northern governors.  in any case, where exactly was once this agreement?  If it existed, then it must be printed for all to see.
on the other hand, Aliyu and his cohorts may not produce the alleged document, leading to the conclusion that it was once nothing greater than another ruse.  The president’s men were unequivocal in maintaining that Jonathan signed no such agreement.  even if he did, everybody knows that there’s no honour amongst Nigerian politicians.  due to this fact, that gambit also grew to become out to be a waste of time.
prison option
the next strategy used to be to contest Jonathan’s eligibility to are seeking for re-election in the courts; seeing that he has been president for 2 terms already.  This strategy failed woefully.  Justice Mudashiru Oniyangi dominated from the FCT that Jonathan’s assumption of place of business after the untimely demise of President Yar’Adua fell beneath the national assembly’s doctrine of necessity.  The structure stated that no man might be elected president greater than twice for a complete of eight years.  but Jonathan has only been elected president once.
Justice Oniyangi stated: “After the dying of Umaru Yar’adua, there used to be no election or by-election, President Jonathan was in basic terms requested to suppose the office of the President in keeping with the doctrine of necessity. He was once not elected because the President however was once made to suppose place of work with the aid of virtue of Yar’adua’s loss of life.  Having exhausted the late President’s tenure, he looked for his birthday celebration’s ticket and ran for the office of the President successfully within the 2011 normal elections. he is subsequently presently serving his first tenure of administrative center, and if he so needs he’s eligible to additional are seeking for his birthday celebration’s ticket during the party’s primary election and to run for place of job in 2015.”
Opposition threats
This referred to as for yet some other technique, due to this fact the opposition made up our minds to employ fireplace and brimstone.  Lawal Kaita, now of the opposition APC, stated: “we will be able to make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan.”  the target remained the same.  These individuals knew they may not defeat Jonathan on the polls; therefore their main assignment was once to forestall him from operating for re-election. 
Junaid Mohammed fired probably the most early salvos.  He stated: “Quote me, if Jonathan insists on running, there might be bloodshed and those that feel short-modified could take the warpath.”
Senator Joseph Waku of the Arewa Consultative forum (ACF) followed go well with: “President Jonathan must now not even ponder making any move to contest the 2015 election as a result of such shall be catastrophic.”  Murtala Nyako, the former governor of Adamawa, echoed this, announcing: “we should stop President Goodluck Jonathan’s try to go for 2d time period, as with a view to result in civil struggle.” 
What has came about to Waku’s disaster and Nyako’s civil battle?  These had been all vain threats.  Who did Nyako take into accout to fight his civil war for him?  because making these threats, Nyako has been ignominiously removed as governor of Adamawa State.  no person shed any crocodile tears for him.  alternatively, his nemesis, Goodluck Jonathan has declared that he’s running for second term and there has now not been a revolt, to not discuss of civil struggle.  in fact, he has been endorsed as the sole candidate of the PDP. 
making ready for defeat
this implies back to the drawing-board for the APC.  given that they now be aware of they can not stop Jonathan from contesting, they have got began planning for their predicted defeat on the polls.  Their position is understated.  If Jonathan wins, then they’d claim the election was rigged.  that will be grounds for bringing out the thugs and house boys to kill, steal and ruin. 
to that end, the APC started accusing the PDP of rigging an election that has yet to take place.  In a speech made right through Buhari’s announcement of his fourth bid for the presidency, Rotimi Amaechi said: “we can punish these folks… they’re banking on the use of security against us. we shall educate them lesson. we will be able to struggle with our physique, with our lives because there have to be alternate this time.”
on the APC’s so-referred to as Salvation Rally, Amaechi declared that the APC will kind a parallel executive if the 2015 election is rigged.  this is disingenuous as a result of everyone knows that the one means the APC will not insist the election is rigged is if it wins.  each election that the APC has won has been free and honest; however every election it has misplaced has been rigged.  In impact, the APC is already threatening treasonable prison if it loses the drawing close presidential election.
Queried about this stand, Lai Mohammed, the Publicity Secretary of the APC mentioned that has been the stand of the APC since the Osun State gubernatorial election.  by which case, had APC misplaced Osun it would have determined to create mayhem.  Lai Mohammed declared: “allow us to remind the presidency, in case it has forgotten, that election fraud brought on a civil war in Algeria within the early Nineteen Nineties, led to the killing of over 1,000 individuals in submit-election riots in Kenya in 2007/2008 and fired a close to revolution in Iran in 2009/2010.” 
(TO BE continued)

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