Who Get Ear Vol. 116: Here are the 10 Nigerian songs you need to play this week

Posted on Nov 10 2020 - 3:18am by admin

Welcome to another installment of ‘Who Get Ear,’ Pulse’s flagship act for upcoming acts in the Nigerian music industry. This feature has been on for two years and Pulse Nigeria is proud to say it has been spotlighting some of the best songs and acts in the Nigerian underground for three years.

This is the 115th installment of this feature listicle. It is now available on streaming platforms, Audiomack and Apple Music.

Weekly acts will also get a spotlight on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram Page. The pick of the week will also get a 30 second spin on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram stories.

You can check Vol. 115 here. We featured VRSD, Zilla Oaks, Eeskay, Manuel Cole, Tochi Bedford and more. on the installment.

This week, we feature Drayko, Dwin The Stoic, Jasen Blu, Siji Olunuga and more on this installment.

Pick of the week: Dwin, The Stoic – This Fight

Moment of the week: The production to ‘Signs’ by Bete

Here are our picks of the week;

Siji Olunuga – Ilevant

This is a piece of music by Nigerian composer, Siji Olunuga. It’s an acquired taste though.

Exgee – Enough

‘Enough’ is an infectious tune about the pursuit of a lover, after a relationship upgrades from a fatal attraction into intimacy. This is the second single off Exgee’s upcoming debut album titled Now The Train Departing. It is set for a 2021 release.

Ahead of the official release of ‘Enough,’ Exgee says, “I want my fans to enjoy this single. I have another project and many hits coming soon after this and I assure my fans that it will be as great. Little drops of water make mighty oceans so no matter how slow you move don’t give up.”

Holstar – Mtendre

Off his latest album, Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto comes this soulful record with a soul of pop.

LK Kuddy featuring Kizz Daniel – Morale

Using the word ‘morale’ as a military lingua popular in West Africa, LK Kuddy describes how the woman of his dreams motivates him.

Dwin, The Stoic – This Fight

Following the events of two weeks ago at the Lekki Massacre, Nigerian singer-songwriter and member of the indie band Ignis Brothers has put out a new song remembering the peaceful protesters killed by the Nigerian army during the #EndSARS protests. The song is produced by Rhaffy.

Jasen Blu featuring Bigmaxx – Enough

The song drops off Blu‘s latest album, Road 2 Soulwave

Same OG – Na You

2020 has been a ‘rollercoaster’ ride and a year no one saw coming, globally. The song aims to celebrated OG’s birthday.

Bete – Signs

Dropping off Bete‘s new EP, Signs is the Trapsoul track that hopes for simplicity amidst an uncertainty. She craves also craves happiness and an end to the drama.

Drayko featuring Eeskay and Zilla Oaks – Zoom

Koko – Good Enough

An Afro-pop record, it sees Koko is a loverboy who thinks he is not good enough for someone’s love.

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