'WAKE UP AND STOP IT!' Furious Bercow delivers SCATHING RANT to MPs in shock PMQs SCOLDING

Posted on Feb 22 2018 - 2:51pm by admin

MPs bore the brunt of a furious scolding this afternoon, as Speaker of the House John Bercow chastised them over their raucous behaviour during PMQs.

The House of Commons was engulfed with audible jeers during a question put to Theresa May on policing, prompting Mr Bercow to intervene.

In a passionate rant, he told the MPs: “Order! Please, the questions and answers must be heard. 

“I make no apology for repeating that these discussions at PMQs must bear some resemblance to what the house is saying in regards to culture.

“We recently had a report on harassment. Let’s try to behave properly during these sessions 

“That means listening to the questions and listening to the answers.

“Both sides of the house have got to wake up to the reality that huge numbers – and I couldn’t care less about the press gallery – that, huge numbers outside of those place disprove of this place disapprove of behaviour like this.”

The out-of-control braying from the parliamentary benches came when a Tory MP argued for more police on the streets in his constituency.

However, when Mrs May answered by insisting that more police were out on the streets and not behind desks, she was loudly jeered.

The noise became deafening when the Prime Minister said that more money was coming in to support the police. 

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