‘Vanderpump Rules’: James Makes A Shocking Admission About His Feelings For Lala

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Awkward! While on a trip to Big Bear, James and Lala went from flirting to fighting in a matter of minutes. All the while, his girlfriend had to sit back and watch.

Anyone get a feeling that James is still madly in love with Lala? Yeah, same. After witnessing what went down during the Feb. 19 episode of Vanderpump Rules, we feel sorry for James’ girlfriend, Raquelle. Not only did she have to witness him and Lala flirting with each other during their trip to Big Bear, but she also saw how much they clearly care about each other. To be honest, the entire house saw it, so if she didn’t, she’s blind. But before we get to what happened between James and Lala, let’s rewind a bit.

After the devastating fire that hit SUR, Lisa Vanderpump put all her energy into rebuilding the restaurant. Even though a project that size would normally take three weeks, Lisa pushed for it all to get done in three DAYS. And boy did she succeed. Not only did SUR open back up effortlessly, but the look of the place really improved, thanks to the fixes made after the fire.

Meanwhile, Stassi profusely apologized for her terrible behavior at her birthday party. While practically in tears — just like at her party — she admitted how wrong she was for storming off without paying the bill, and then, she wrote both Katie and Kristen $ 700 checks. Katie told Stassi it wasn’t “the end of the world” and they agreed to move forward. Then, due to her troubling relationship with Patrick, Stassi sought out a tarot card reader to find out what her future may hold. The reader told Stassi she’d get pregnant in 2019 (can’t wait to see if that actually happens), but also revealed that her relationship may soon come to an end.

Scheana, who’s still acting like she has the perfect life with the perfect boyfriend, invited a select group of people to tag along with her to Rob‘s cabin in Big Bear. The group included Jax, Brittany, Tom Sandoval, Ariana, Lala, James and Raquelle. James, of course, got super drunk, which means he was also super loud. Everyone else acted pretty tame, even during one of the sex games they played, but James was often seen cuddling and laughing with Lala or screaming at her and calling her boyfriend “fat”. Behind the scenes, Lala wondered if James still has feelings for her — it was also something Raquelle, herself, questioned, but he wouldn’t admit to her when she asked. However, later, when Lala was confronting James about him dissing her boyfriend, he said that he has a hard time seeing her happy with someone else. She asked him to respect his girlfriend, and they seemed to be getting to a better place until James told her to “shut the f*** up”. And that was when Lala called it a night and headed to bed.

Lastly, Jax expressed to Tom Sandoval that he often feels like he’s being left behind because of Tom and Tom Schwartz‘s current success with the eventual opening of their own bar.

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