USA Curling Team Wins First Gold Ever — The Best Reactions To Historic Upset

Posted on Feb 25 2018 - 1:26am by admin

The US isn’t known for its stellar curling skills… until now! The men’s Olympic team beat Sweden to take home its first ever gold medal and Americans can’t contain their excitement! See the best reactions!

If you told me before the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics started that the US men’s curling team would win their first ever gold medal, I wouldn’t believe you. I’d also wonder where the hell you learn how to even play the sport in this country. But Team USA did it! After a five-game winning streak, John ShusterTyler GeorgeMatt HamiltonJohn Landsteiner, and Joe Polo defeated Sweden 10-7, and won the country’s first ever gold medal in the event. And yet, here I am still wondering where the hell Americans learn how to sweep ice to move giant stones. But also: USA! USA!

But if there’s anything people from this nation loves, it’s watching our team win at the Olympics! That’s why tons of proud Americans flocked to Twitter to celebrate the historic upset and congratulate the curling team in the only way we know how: through hilarious jokes. “USA, USA, I still think curling is swiffering for gold, but still proud!#curling,” one person wrote. “Sweden falling apart like every piece of Ikea furniture I’ve ever owned #Curling #usa,” another said while watching the match. Someone even shared an epic video of a bar in Hoboken, NJ that was showing the game in the wee hours of the morning to a crowd of cheering fans. And of course, there was a person who was asking the real question: “There is a USA curling team, what gymnasiums in what rural town are offering CURLING-courses to prepare for this.” According to Team USA’s website, Shuster curls out of the Duluth Curling Club in Minnesota, so I guess that’s where you train to be on the best team at the Winter Olympics. Great job guys! Check out the best reactions below:

HollywoodLifers, did you catch the historic match on TV? Congratulate USA’s Olympic men’s curling team in the comments below!

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