Uduak Isong: 'Nollywood is raising unrealistic expectations with these box office figures' – producer says

Posted on Jan 24 2018 - 1:47am by admin

Uduak Isong has shared her views on the box office figures released by filmmakers on social media, saying it raises unrealistic expectations.

Her posts – now deleted – came hours after the producers of “The Wedding Party 2” announced that the film had made 467 million naira worldwide to become the highest grossing Nollywood movie.

Uduak pointed out that the figures often shared by filmmakers are misleading, as they fail to state the budget and how much profit was made.

The Wedding Party has been announced as the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time with 467 million nairaplay

The Wedding Party has been announced as the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time with 467 million naira


When some of her followers described her posts as “bitter,” the filmmaker explained that things must be done in moderation lest they become distasteful.

She also added that while the figures are great, they raise unrealistic expectations from investors.

Check out her posts.

play Uduak Isong’s post on Box office numbers (Instagram/UduakIsong)

“It’s a business no? People are often so shocked when I say how much my movie made in cinemas and what came to me. People hear these huge sums and go invest their mother’s gratuity in film. You will go back to the village o. Ask the right questions.”

play Uduak Isong’s Instagram post on box office numbers

“Sometimes I’m not sure what you people seek, validation? If you people came in the time of the marketers who made millions, what would you people have done? Told the rest of us not to walk on the streets when you’re passing? Learn some humility guys. Let others sing your praises.”

play Uduak Isong’s post on Box office numbers

“Someone called me to say my post previous post sounds bitter. Interesting. It’s not coming from a place of bitterness o. Anyone who knows me knows I wish everyone well. However, we really must do things in moderation less it becomes distasteful.

Besides, I insist Nollywood is a BUSINESS!!!!!!. The figures are great but we need to know if it’s actually profitable. We’re raising unrealistic expectations from investors. So before you advise me on how we can all make box office hits, tell me what you put in to make yours. That’s all.”

Other views on these box office figures

In 2015, Nigerian filmmaker Mildred Okwo called out Nigerian producers, who inflate their box office numbers to attract investors.

Considering the absence of a centralized box office analytics system, the authenticity of the box office numbers shared by filmmakers has always been a subject of conversation.

Moses Inwang, the director of “American Driver” and “Alter Ego,” told Pulse Nigeria that every released box office figure is taxable.

He also explained that most actors have back-end deals where they get a percentage of box office grosses.

Guests at the private screening of "Lost In London" and birthday dinner of Uduak Isong held at Radisson Blu, Victoria Islandplay Uduak Isong has shared her views on Box office numbers shared by filmmakers


Uduak Isong is popular for movies such as “Falling,” “Lost in London,” “Put a Ring on it” among others.

Her most recent work “Getting Over Him” is set to premiere in cinemas on Friday, January 26, 2018.

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