‘TYPICALLY BRITISH!’ Barnier’s FURY as EU chief blasts THREE reasons Britons voted Brexit

Posted on May 30 2019 - 12:30pm by admin

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said Leave voters hoped the UK’s departure from the Brussels bloc would see the “return to a powerful global Britain” as he blamed “typically British” reasons for their decision. He also accused eurosceptics in the UK of “preferring to live in the past” and attacked City business leaders who “simply don’t want to accept rules”. 

Outlining the three reasons for Brexit, he told New York Review of Books: “Looking at the causes of Brexit, we also find typically British reasons: the hope for a return to a powerful global Britain, nostalgia for the past—nostalgia serves no purpose in politics.

“In my country, too, some politicians still prefer to live in the past.

“But there were, also, people voting for Brexit who simply don’t want to accept rules.

“Some based in the City of London voted to leave, as they don’t want to accept the Union’s regulations on their trading; they want to speculate freely and the Union doesn’t allow them to do so.”

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He added: “If the UK wants to leave in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option.

“If the choice is to leave without a deal – fine.

“If the choice is to stay in the EU – also fine.

“But if the choice is still to leave the EU in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option. This is all that our legal constraints allow.”


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