Tiya Sircar: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Alex, Inc.’ Star

Posted on Mar 29 2018 - 7:53am by admin

Are you ready to meet Tiya Sircar? She one of the stars of ‘Alex, Inc.’ alongside Zach Braff, and in our EXCLUSIVE interview she shared 5 things we MUST know about her!

1.) Tiya Sircar, 35, was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. “My parents moved out of state while I was away at college at the University of Texas in Austin,” Tiya told HollywoodLife in our EXCLUSIVE interview. “And actually, my family now owns a home in Austin. So that’s where my ‘home base’ is, which is more than fine with me. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world!”

2.) You’ll see Tiya on ABC’s ‘Alex, Inc.‘ starting March 28. Tiya told HollywoodLife, “‘Alex, Inc.’ is based on the podcast, StartUp, which follows the story of a real-life guy who quits his job to start his own podcast company. Zach Braff plays Alex and I play his wife, Rooni. She has her own career as a public defender and together they have two kids and are basically trying to balance Alex’s new venture of starting a company with their responsibilities at work and at home.” So, what is her character, Rooni, like? “Alex is a dreamer and Rooni often acts as his voice of reason,” Tiya explained. “So this season follows their story and the nascent stages of the start up.”

3.) Tiya’s favorite form of social media is Instagram. “I would say I use Instagram the most,” Tiya, whose Instagram handle is @tiyabird, told HollywoodLife. “I love communicating with folks through photos and stories. I also love catching a glimpse into people’s lives through their curated photos. I’m also a sucker for animal pics and videos and, well, Insta really scratches that itch for me.”

4.) Just like the rest of us, Tiya falls into a TV binge session every now and then. “The last show I binged was ‘Game of Thrones’. I was a little late to the whole ‘GoT’ party. I started watching at the beginning of season five. So now that we have an entire year to wait before the final season, I decided to start from the beginning,” Tiya shared with HollywoodLife. “And wow, things make SO much more sense now! ‘GoT’ is not a show you can casually dip into. You really need all that exposition to fully comprehend what’s happening and why!”

5.) But, TV isn’t Tiya’s only guilty pleasure! When we asked Tiya what the last album she downloaded was, this was her response: “I recently became acquainted with The War on Drugs and I am now fully obsessed. I compiled all of their albums into one playlist and listen to it an obscene amount.” As for which movie she last saw in theaters, Tiya told HollywoodLife it was Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. “I loved It! The acting was superb, which is not surprising since Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson are all just bonkers talented.”

Tiya is taking over HollywoodLife‘s Instagram story on Wednesday, March 28, before Alex, Inc. premieres at 8:30pm ET. Tune in to @HollywoodLife see what she’s up to!

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