“The Wedding Party 2”: Performances by actors ranked

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With just two movies under its belt, ELFIKE film collective’s “The Wedding Party” has already produced a vast number of characters.

The second movie titled “The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai” is set to debut in cinemas on December 15, 2017, and unlike the first movie, no character outshines the other.

Nevertheless, some performances have stronger impact than others.

Here’s how Pulse Movies ranks the performances in “The Wedding Party 2.”

1. Enyinna Nwigwe – Nonso  Onwuka

It’s not the best we have seen him in, but Nwigwe brings to Nonso a real sense of sweetness and vulnerability.

He is able to give his character just the right amount of emotion that makes him relatable.


2. Daniella Down – Deardre Winston

Down isn’t bad. Her portrayal of Deidre is pretty consistent and her character’s queasiness comes through distinctly.


Nonso and Deidre in "The Wedding Party 2"play

Nonso and Deidre in “The Wedding Party 2”



3. Michael de Pinna – Geoffrey Winston

Michael de Pinna as Geoffrey Winston (Deidre’s father) is surprisingly a pleasant and hilarious character. His funniness comes in different forms: sarcasm, wittiness and ignorance.


4. Patience Ozokwor – Adanna

Newcomer Patience Ozokwor uses  native language to hilariously capture the essence of her character, Adanna.

Ozokwor does her usual cantankerous thing, but she still brings enough fun to the movie.


Who is Patience Ozokwor?play

Who is Patience Ozokwor?


5.  Ali Baba – Bamidele Coker

He doesn’t try too hard this time around and that’s impressive enough.

Ali Baba delivers an OK good performance as Bamidele Coker, and is the least memorable of all the major characters.


6. Sola Sobowale – Tinuade Cooker

Staying true to her trademark wit and style, Sola Sobowale retains the energy that made Tinuade Cooker a success in 2016.

While she is still dramatic and funny, her first outing as Tinuade still overshadows her latest outing.



7. Ireti Doyle

She is perfect for the role, but we have seen it all before: Doyle as an aloof wife, in-law and mother.


8. Richard Mofe Damijo

RMD does a fine job as Obianuju and Nonso’s father. But comparatively speaking, it wasn’t particularly a memorable performance.


9. Ikechukwu – Sola

Ikechukwu perfectly retains the same energy from the first movie as the amusing and incautious friend, Sola.


10. Somkele – Yemisi

We get to see the “romantic” side of Yemisi as she gradually warms up to Sola.

Perhaps, there’s a story for her to lead in “The Wedding  Party 3.” If it ever happens.


11. Adesua Etomi – Dunni

Etomi has a minor role in this as Dunni. She is just fine in the role, but she doesn’t really do much.


12. Banky W – Dozie

Banky W is still the same Dozie you remember from the first movie. However, because he gets to deliver one of the funniest lines, his character is memorable enough.


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