‘The Voice’ Recap: Night 1 Of The Battle Rounds Begin With Hailee Steinfeld & More Stars

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Night 1 of the Battle Rounds kicked off on ‘The Voice’ with a slew of A-List singers including Hailee Steinfeld, Trace Adkins and more! Episode 7 had emotional battles and an epic 3-way steal! See who won!

Night one of The Voice Battle Rounds are here and things are about to heat up in episode seven! Team Alicia kicks off the night, and she brought in Shawn Mendes, 19, to help her coach her powerhouse team. First up in the Battle Rounds is an epic sing off between Sharon Canister and Jamai who will be singing Mendes’ hit, “Mercy”.

Team Alicia: Sharane Canister Vs. Jamai — Both singers went at it with their strong voices. Jamai has incredible depth, while Sharane can hit high notes like it’s nobody’s business, which made it an extremely hard decision for Alicia. WINNER: Sharane

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartel Vs. Dylan Hartigan — KC as Dylan calls her phoned her good friend Hailee Steinfeld to lend some valuable advice to her team members. And, she was the perfect person to assist Kelly because Brynn and Dylan battled it out to Taylor Swift‘s “Are You Ready For It”. Dylan brought the stage presence and his voice, while 14-year-old Brynn showcased her powerhouse vocals that blew the judges away. WINNER: Brynn — However, Blake was so impressed with Dylan that he pulled a steal on Kelly and took the 21-year-old singer to his team! TEAM BLAKE: Dylan

Team Blake: Kyla Jade Vs. JessLee — Blake called on his good friend, Trace Adkins to share some of his veteran wisdom. Blake chose Ariana Grande‘s “One Last Time” for them to battle — A song that was out of Kyla and JessLee’s style. He chose the track because it has a lot of range, which would challenge Kyla, a soul singer and JessLee a singer with a rocker/country tone. Although JessLee can sing outside her comfort Zone, Kyla — who is a backup singer for Jennifer Hudson — overpowered her competition with her soulful voice. WINNER: Kyla

Team Adam: Rayshun Vs. Tish Haynes — Adam brought in Julia Michaels to advise his team because she admitted how she recently made the transition into being an artist. Adam chose an older song for both of his teammates because they have such soulful, deep range. WINNER: Rayshun — Kelly loved Tish so much that she pulled a steal on Adam! She was brought to tears from Tish’s performance and said she could not let her go home. TEAM KELLY: Tish Haynes

Team Alicia: Christiana Danielle Vs. Shana Halligan — Alicia and Shawn decided on “Someone Like You” by Kings of Leon for the women to battle it out. They performed an emotional and slowed down version of the hit, which moved the judges and captivated the entire audience. WINNER: Chrisiana Danielle

Team Kelly: Jackie Foster Vs. D.R. King — Kelly and Hailee chose “Sign Of The Times” by Harry Styles for Jackie and D.R. to battle and they closed out night one with the best performance of the night. They belted out insane notes with such power and force, yet they looked so effortless. When they completely the song, Jackie and D.R. got a standing ovation from the judges. WINNER: D.R. — Then, Blake, Alicia and Adam all hit their buttons for a triple steal to add Jackie to their teams and she tearfully chose Adam. TEAM ADAM: Jackie Foster

Check out the teams:

Team Adam: Davison, Rayshun LaMARR, Drew Cole, Reid Umstatto, Angel Bonilla, Stephanie Skipper Keys, Maya Base, Gary Edwards, Genesis Diaz, Jackie Verna, Jackie Foster

Team Blake: Kyla Jade, Kaleb Lee, Pryor Baird, Brett Hunter, Austin Giorgio, Jaron Strom, Wilkes, Spensha Baker, Bransen Ireland, Jordan Kirkdorffer, Dallas Caroline, Dylan Hartigan

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartel, D.R. King, Justin Kilgore, Molly Stevens, Jorge Eduardo, Lamella, Alexa Cappelli, Teana Boston, Hannah Goebel, Amber Sauer, Tish Haynes

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan, Kelsea Johnson, Jaclyn Lovey, Christiana Danielle, Johnny Bliss, Megan Lee, Jordyn Simone, Terrence Cunningham, Livia Faith, Sharane Caliste

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