‘The Voice’ Exclusive: Watch The Past Winners Gush Over The Coaches — We’re Still Friends

Posted on Mar 31 2018 - 6:03pm by admin

‘The Voice’ has had some memorable winners over the years. In this EXCLUSIVE video, four winners reveal their current relationships with their coaches and give updates on their music!

Jordan Smith, 24, Cassadee Pope, 28, Chloe Kohanski, 24, and Chris Blue, 28, are four of The Voice’s best singers to win the show. Even though they’ve gone on to their solo careers, they’ve never forgotten the people who helped them get there. “Being back and working with the contestants with Adam [Levine] just reinforced the relationship that we have,” Jordan, who won season 9, tells the other winners. “Adam definitely checks in a lot… I consider us friends now.”

Chloe is the show’s most recent winner, and coach Blake Shelton, 41, is still helping her to this day. “He’s just a friend and someone I can get advice from and just pick his brain when I’m in a moment where I think I’m in over my head,” she says. Cassadee, who won season 3, echoes what Chloe says. Blake has always kept in touch and she recalls winning the CMT Breakthrough Video Award that Blake presented to her in 2014.

Alicia Keys, 37, and her season 12 winner continue to work together closely. “After the show, Alicia called me and said, ‘Chris, yo, I really believe in you. I really, really believe in what you’re doing. I believe in where you’re going, and I want to be a part of the journey.’ And so now I’m co-managed by Alicia,” he says.

All four of the singers are working on new music. Cassadee is releasing a new song and shooting a music video soon. Jordan has about 13 songs that he loves, and he teases that his record is “very different than I think what people are expecting me to do next.” Chloe just signed with Republic Records, and she’s got one song already recorded. She’s going to start writing soon! As for Chris, he’s got two songs out and is working on about 20 songs! The Voice season 14 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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