‘The Royals’ Recap: Liam Confronts Robert & Jaspenor Takes The Next Step

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Liam came face-to-face with Robert and accused his brother of killing their father on the March 25 episode of ‘The Royals.’ Plus, Jasper and Eleanor took their relationship to a whole new level!

Liam has the information he needs to destroy Robert, and he’s ready to attack. He tackles Robert to the ground in his office, but it’s not Robert! The guy is one of Cyrus’s boy toys. Cyrus rolls his eyes at Liam’s rash behavior. Cyrus tells Liam to hold his horses a little bit with the information on Robert until he talks with people who could help them expose Robert. Until then, they have to tell no one. Naturally, Liam doesn’t listen. He goes straight to Jasper. Liam is ready to expose Robert for everything, but Jasper questions whether or not that’s the best idea. Jasper notes that Liam could expose Robert quietly and get him to step down. “Have you thought about what this would do to your family?” Jasper asks Liam. Liam hasn’t thought that through.

At the hospital, Liam runs right into Eleanor, who is angry with him. She’s pissed he hasn’t shown up until now. Liam is glad to see Jasper, Eleanor, and his mother, but not Robert. “He’s an asshole,” Liam quips. Things have gotten bad in the palace, and Liam’s been MIA. Eleanor begs Liam to spend some time with the family.

Meanwhile, Robert is looking for a bride and interviewing multiple candidates. Willow watches the interviews go down from afar. Well, you could have been one of those girls, Willow! While Robert searches for his future queen, Helena is sleeping with Colin York. When Helena meets up with Willow to get an update on Operation Royal Wedding, Willow reveals to Helena that she was on Robert’s list. Helena tells Willow that it’s “not exactly torture being Queen, but it is forever.” Helena commends Willow for wanting her love to be true. Royalty isn’t always the best environment for that.

Every time a potential bride interviews with Robert, the press immediately pounces on them outside the palace. It’s all part of the training process. Only one candidate passes with flying colors, and her name is Cassandra. She lights Robert’s fire with intellectual conversation and sexy quips. She has the press eating out of the palm of her hand by the time she leaves. While Robert is clearly intrigued, Willow thinks Cassandra is cold and calculated. Robert is still trying to woo Willow. They have dinner together for the first time, and their connection is so effortless. If Robert is just playing Willow, I will RIOT.

Liam Completely Loses It

Robert shows up at Jasper’s bedside again. He makes subtle threats to his bodyguard. Robert says that Jasper will return as his bodyguard when he recovers. “If you recover…” Robert adds. Robert, keep your bloody hands off Jasper!

Eleanor has been spending night and day at the hospital with Jasper. He brings up that she shouldn’t be at the hospital around the clock or the press will find out they’re dating. Our savvy Eleanor finds a way around that. She heads to the kids’ ward to help. She meets a young patient named Becky Beauregard. When Becky tells Eleanor that she’s too sick to go to her school dance, Eleanor vows to bring the dance to Becky.

Sebastian comes to visit Jasper, and the two have a nice chat. Sebastian’s not coming to steal Jasper’s girl. He knows how Eleanor feels about Jasper. “She would have been devastated to lose you,” Sebastian says. Jasper thanks Sebastian for looking after Eleanor while she away.

Liam can’t hold back his feelings toward Robert. He can’t wait to see his brother fall. Robert’s not afraid of what Liam has on him. “Who is going to believe you?” Robert asks, before telling his little brother that he’s just a younger and more pathetic version of Cyrus. This sparring match enrages Liam. He calls a family get together and confronts Robert. He reveals that he found Robert’s deposits to Ted Pryce. In front of Helena and Willow, Liam accuses his brother of having their father killed and staying on the island in hiding while it all went down. Robert comes back at Liam and says he was trying to help Ted Pryce. Liam pulls a gun on Robert. “You killed a king to become the king!” Liam yells. Helena steps in and reveals she and Simon knew about the payments. They appreciated Robert for reaching out to Ted Pryce, especially since his wife lost her life serving them. Liam completely loses it. “This is where it all ends,” Liam says, before Eleanor hits him over the head.

London Goes Black

He wakes up in James Hill’s office handcuffed. James asks him three simple questions. James sees Liam going down the same path that led Ted Pryce to kill Simon. Liam’s letting this anger and pain fester, but he’s not too far gone yet. It’s not too late for him. Cyrus reams Liam for revealing all his information to Robert. The information didn’t need to be true. It just needed to be used properly. Now they have nothing.

After that shocking showdown between Robert and Liam, Helena has a talk with Robert. She has some doubts now. “I need you to look me in the eye and tell me that your brother is misguided,” Helena says. Robert swears that he’s a good man.

Jasper plays the knight in shining armor for Eleanor at the dance when they think Becky’s date not going to show. But the teen does show up! Sebastian dances with Eleanor at the dance, while a very jealous Jasper watches. But there’s truly nothing going on with Sebastian and Eleanor. Eleanor actually wants Jasper to move in with her! “Leave the suit on. I’ll take it off you later tonight,” she purrs. YASSS. She gets them matching pillows! Jaspenor forever!

Helena breaks things off with Colin. She needs to be better for her kids and for herself. She wants to make sure her legacy stays in tact now that there will be a new queen soon. The episode ends with Cyrus getting a phone call, and he’s not happy about the news he gets. When Helena goes down to the wine cellar, she hears something. Robert, who has very compromising pictures of Helena and Colin in bed together on his computer, looks out at London and counts down. Suddenly, the entire city is plunged into darkness. He just caused a BLACKOUT! What in the world is his plan with this?!

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