‘The Royals’ Recap: Jasper Fights For His Life — Does He Make It?

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Jasper’s life was on the line all during the March 18 episode of ‘The Royals.’ Eleanor refused to take her eyes off him the whole time, but did she get the chance to tell Jasper that she loves him?!

After protecting Robert and taking a bullet to the chest, Jasper is rushed to the hospital. He calls out for Eleanor, but the doctors can’t understand what he’s saying. Jasper goes into surgery while a worried Eleanor watches on. Eleanor has been a part of Jasper’s life since he was a boy. A flashback reveals when young Jasper saw little Eleanor on TV for the very first time. So cute!

Helena demands to know how this shooting happened. When Helena notices blood on Robert’s shirt, he says, “Pity, I love this shirt.” Okay, that’s a little insensitive, don’t you think? He wants to know any change in Jasper’s condition and doesn’t like Eleanor is there with him. Robert doesn’t waste any time getting back to business with the royal wedding. Helena goes to see Eleanor at the hospital. “What if he dies thinking I didn’t care about him?” Eleanor cries. Helena knows the bodyguard is going to pull through. Eleanor refuses to leave Jasper’s side.

In the midst of the chaos, Liam heads to his weekend away with Greta, with a little push from Cyrus. Liam has to see this through. The plan is already well into motion. When they get off the plane, Liam and Greta are surrounded by men with guns. Liam thinks this show of arms is because Robert believes Liam tried to kill him. But it was really to make sure Liam is safe and sound. Meanwhile, Cyrus is busy crossing things off his “f**k-et” list.

Willow asks Robert to take her off his list of potential brides. She talks about her mother, who gave up aristocracy for love. She wants a relationship and a love that’s real. Robert hints that he wants that as well, even though it’s his duty to marry for his country. He leaves and goes to support Eleanor at the hospital. “I watched him tear your soul apart last Christmas,” Robert says to Eleanor, who calls him out for trying to meddle in their relationship. He apologizes for overstepping and keeping Jasper from her while she was away. He continues to question their relationship. He thinks she can do better. She runs right out after the surgery is over. Jasper’s going to make it! She stays by his side and talks to him. “I’m right here, baby,” Eleanor tells Jasper. “Come back to me.” My Jaspenor-loving heart is bursting! Robert asks for a moment alone with Jasper after Eleanor leaves to talk to Sarah Alice, and James is more than a little hesitant. Don’t pull anything crazy now, Robert.

Liam and Greta continue to grow closer. Greta reveals that her sister died suddenly a few years back. Her parents constantly put down her photography. Liam defends Greta to her father. He knows she has greatness in her. Someone just needs to see it. They hook up and while Greta is sleeping, Liam hacks her computer and gets the files he needs.

‘My Heart’s Been Taken’

Meanwhile, Helena and Willow are busy picking potential brides. Helena is being super picky. She feels like no one can match up to her. Helena leaves it all in Willow’s hands. She likes Willow’s honesty and trusts her judgement.

Eleanor stands up to Robert. She remembers what their father told her. She’s going to choose love and be great. Jasper wakes up, Eleanor plants a sweet kiss on those beautiful lips. “I knew if I got shot I’d get you home,” Jasper jokes. Robert watches on. There’s nothing he can do about Jaspenor. Jasper’s father calls his son the next morning, but Jasper doesn’t answer.

Helena shows up with a cover story for Jasper to make up for his past so the media doesn’t have a field day with it. Jasper has to talk at a press conference. Helena notes that they can’t have their relationship public right now. A princess can’t be dating a CIA operative! “That’s OK,” Len says to Jasper. “I’d rather have half a life than a full life with anyone else.”

Jasper comes clean to the press. Harper Day makes a surprise return. She asks about a woman in his life, hoping he’ll drop scoop about Eleanor. He does say he’s with someone. “My heart’s been taken by a very beautiful woman,” Jasper says. “I’m not going to tell you who she is, but we look forward to a very long and full life together.” That’s it. I can die happy. Jaspenor is endgame! After his press conference, Eleanor rewards him by stripping down in his hospital room. YASSS!

Jasper definitely thinks something is up with Robert and the shooting. Did Robert plan to have Jasper killed? Possibly. The guy may just be capable of anything. When Liam returns to the palace, he tells Cyrus that Boone was right about everything.

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