‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Recap: The Claws Are Out As [SPOILER] Turns On Her Biggest Ally

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A rookie competitor finds herself forced to betray an ally on the Feb. 20 episode of ‘The Challenge: Vendettas.’ Plus, will an injury take one guy out? Here’s our recap!

The Feb. 20 episode of The Challenge: Vendettas kicks off where last week’s ended: During the elimination between Veronica and Aneesa, who showed up with Jordan, Tori and Derrick to take on some of this season’s competitors. Veronica confirms that she did, in fact, break her finger, so she’s no longer able to compete in the physical challenge. Without finishing the elimination match, she has to leave the game. Next up is rookie Kam taking on Challenge vet, Tori. Tori wins the first round fairly easily, but Kam comes back and ties it up, then finishes it off in the next round to win 2/3 and keep her spot in the game.

The most intense elimination, though, is between Joss and Derrick, who’s one of the scrappiest Challenge players of all-time. Their match-up is intense, and neither of the guys hold back. The elimination goes on for over an hour with no points scored, and they go into sudden death. After 11 rounds, though, Derrick is named the winner in the most devastating fashion — Joss thinks he and his opponent BOTH stepped out of the ring, which would call for a reset, however, Derrick never actually puts his feet outside the designated circle, and he’s able to run back to his side to score the final and only point. Considering Joss is such a strong competitor, the other guys in the house are very relieved by the outcome.

To make matters worse, Joss and Shane, who was eliminated last week, won’t even get to leave the show with the money they won. Instead that money will go into the final pot. However, Kam did win, so she receives a Grenade. She’ll have the option to: Lube Up (the ability to lube up any player, except the Troika, at the next challenge), Endure (the ability to make someone, except the Troika, complete 30 burpees before the next challenge) or Flip Out (the ability to force someone NOT in the Troika to wear flippers during the next challenge).

At the challenge, the competitors are split into four teams, and they have to climb across a series of cars that are dangling above the water in the rain. Although there are teams, the challengers are each getting an individual time. The team with the fastest individual time will win $ 25,000, and the team with the slowest individual time will have to send someone straight into elimination. Kam uses her Lube Up grenade on Cara Maria, who has a vendetta with Kam’s allies, Kailah and Marie.

Last week’s Troika, Kyle, Tony and Nicole, choose the following teams: 1) Cara, Johnny Bananas, Natalie, Nelson. 2) Nicole, Tony, Zach, Kailah. 3) Marie, Kam, Jemmye, Brad. 4) Leroy, Devin, Britni, Kayleigh, Kyle. Zach and Nelson are able to complete the challenge, but everyone else struggles. In the final heat, Leroy falls into the water at the wrong angle, and is terrifyingly lifeless for a few moments. He is taken away by the medics to be evaluated at the hospital.

Team one wins the challenge thanks to Nelson’s speedy time, and now, the four of them have to decide which three will make up the Troika. Obviously, Nelson will be in, and Bananas refuses to not earn a spot. Cara argues that she should be one of the three because if she’s not, she’s sure to have a target on her back since she has so many enemies. However, Natalie out-performed Cara in the challenge. Bananas assures Cara that they’ll look out for her when decisions have to be made later on, and although she’s hesitant, she agrees to let Nelson, Bananas and Natalie be in the power position.

As the losers, team three has to decide on one girl to go into elimination. Brad and Jemmye vote for Marie and Marie votes for Jemmye. That leaves the decision up to Kam, and although she’s aligned with Marie, she says her ally’s name to avoid putting the decision-making power in the Troika’s hands, which would happen in the case of a tie.

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