‘The Arrangement’ Recap: Megan Collapses After A Shocking Talk With Kyle’s Ex

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Megan suffers a serious health care in the midst of her quest to take down Terence and IHM. Here’s what went down on the March 18 episode of ‘The Arrangement!’

Now that Megan has ditched Leslie, she’s headed to Kyle’s agency, Creative Partners. They want to make Megan an icon. For them, it’s all about the branding. They promise she’ll be able to do whatever she wants after they build her brand. She’ll be a legend apart from Kyle.

DeAnn notices something’s up with Kyle and Megan. They have to cast Megan’s love interest in Technicolor Highway, and Kyle and Megan need to be on stable ground for that to go smoothly. DeAnn asks if he’s a little “worried about history repeating itself.” Kyle stresses he wants to keep the past in the past.

DeAnn has other things on her mind, mainly Mason. They are hot and heavy. They only spend one weekend a year together, and it’s always a huge tease for them both. Mason offers to stay until summer, making this a full blown affair. DeAnn can’t afford to ruin her marriage right now, and Mason sticking around would really complicate things.

Megan takes a risk and goes to visit Lisbeth. She apologizes for grabbing Kyle’s ex. Lisbeth reveals the people at IHM poisoned her food and water. She still has problems eating to this day. Megan asks Lisbeth about sharp pains in her stomach, which she’s been having for quite some time now. Weirdly, Lisbeth starts repeating exactly what she said before, as if she’s a robot.

Building A Brand

Flash forward two months later, and Creative Partners has Megan really building her brand. Megan’s love interest still hasn’t been cast yet, and Kyle’s been butting heads with Jason and Vic. The investors are threatening to pull out if a decision isn’t made soon. Kyle wonders how much it would cost to finance this movie on his own, but DeAnn nips that in the bud.

Megan is still having those intense stomach pains and hasn’t been to the doctor. Shaun is worried that she’s pushing herself too far. Megan is building her brand so when sh*t goes down with Terence, she’ll have protection. James is back in town after training at the facility. He agrees to have dinner with Shaun, and they reconnect. She’s one step closer to discovering where the facility is.

Terence and DeAnn are taking part in therapy. There’s a clear absence of intimacy between them. Their deal is to have feelings for each other and no one else. DeAnn is still pissed about the tie on the door. The therapist notes that an open relationship can’t work unless they’re having sex with each other, which is not happening. Later, Terence is robbed at gun point and nearly dies. This spooks him something fierce.

At Megan’s big event, DeAnn is ready to introduce Megan to Logan Travers, who could be her new co-star. Kyle not happy about this. DeAnn notes to Megan that Technicolor Highway is her launchpad. If this doesn’t go right, nothing will. The investors are fed up with Kyle and want to pull out. DeAnn urges Megan to talk to Kyle and Logan. Kyle’s chat with Logan doesn’t go incredibly well, but Kyle’s a decent sport about it. Kyle and Megan soon meet Naseem, who is obsessed with the Institute. Terence walks over wasted and it’s kind of embarrassing. Naseem’s boyfriend, Xavier Hughes, performs and makes everyone swoon.

Game On

During a video interview with Logan, Megan collapses. Kyle rushes to her side. She’s quickly taken home, but the media is already talking drugs, pregnancy, or an eating disorder. Megan is so upset about what happened. Kyle comforts her when she needs him the most. The doctor tells her she needs to take something off her plate. Megan doesn’t want to be taken out of the movie.

DeAnn is furious that Kyle wants to say no to Logan Travers and thinks he’s jealous. Megan and Kyle take a trip to the beach after Megan’s health scare. Kyle reveals why he doesn’t want to cast Logan. When he met Lisbeth, she was dating the director, and it caused a lot of drama. He’s worried about the movie. He’s not going to be able to hide behind a role anymore. He just wants the movie to be perfect. This will be a side of Kyle no one has ever seen before. Megan swears she won’t let anyone get in the middle of their relationship.

Kyle and Megan have dinner with Naseem and Xavier. Naseem is a handful and tries to subtly make a move when she’s alone with Kyle. Meanwhile, Megan and Xavier really connect. He plays the piano for her. Both their moms died when they were very young. Kyle notices Megan and Xavier really hitting it off and asks Xavier if he’s ever acted before.

James agrees to take Shaun to the facility, but he has to blindfold her. She doesn’t have authorization to know where it is. Oh, boy.

Terence and DeAnn watch Xavier’s audition tape. DeAnn’s totally down for it. Terence and DeAnn still aren’t having sex, but DeAnn keeps Terence dangling. She’s in control. DeAnn knows how to handle Terence. In order to try and reestablish some control, Terence shows up at Kyle and Megan’s place to talk to Megan. He says something destructive is going on with Megan, and he wants to work with her to figure it out. Kyle doesn’t think it’s the right time with rehearsals starting,but Megan thinks it’s a great idea. Megan is about to go head-to-head with Terence. Game on.

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