‘Teen Mom OG’: Ryan Gets ‘Hammered’ At His Wedding & Farrah Gets Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 11:16pm by admin

It was an emotional episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ this week. Not only did Ryan and Mackenzie have the wedding they always dreamed of, but Farrah had her vagina reconstructed.

Tears, tears, and more tears. The Feb. 19 episode of Teen Mom OG was full of them, as each and every one of the moms dealt with their own highs and lows. But let’s go through their storylines one by one. First, there was Amber. She visited her doctor at the 17-week mark of her pregnancy and discovered she’s expecting a boy! Upon hearing the news, Andrew shed a few tears and Amber smiled from ear to ear. She later shared the news with Leah, during the little tyke’s 9th birthday party. Leah seemed excited, but later, Gary told his wife Kristina that Leah seems like she couldn’t care less. They feel she’s probably not yet over Amber’s breakup with Matt and doesn’t really understand what’s going on yet. Fair enough.

As for Maci, she and Taylor attended Ryan and Mackenzie‘s wedding this week. Well, their second — but more official — wedding. The first one happened pretty quickly before Ryan went to rehab, so they wanted to do another one with their family and friends. But maybe it wasn’t the best idea, as Mackenzie complained that Ryan was “hammered” throughout most of the night, and he couldn’t stop harping on her about how much money she’s been spending. They were literally in the midst of their first dance when he asked how much money she had left on her. We seriously hope we’re wrong, but the Ryan we saw in tonight’s episode does not come across as someone who’s clean and sober. Even Mackenzie’s friends made remarks about how he barely put any effort into his vows (he literally “winged it”), and he barely touched her as they danced.

Meanwhile, Catelynn‘s husband Tyler was busy taking his dad to rehab this week. It was obviously very sad for him, as Butch will only be allowed to call him once a week for the first 60 days of treatment. Since Tyler’s so used to taking care of his dad, he had a hard time saying goodbye to him, after Butch got settled at the rehab facility. It was pretty sad to watch, but hopefully, Butch takes this seriously and finally gets clean and sober.

Finally, Farrah spent some time with her mom in LA because they were going to be filming some sort of segment for MTV. While there, Sophia told Debra that she would be attending her wedding, but Debra didn’t tell Farrah about it because she seemed to think it was going to be a birthday surprise for her, and she didn’t want to ruin it. Anyway, when they were getting ready to film the segment for MTV — after Farrah had an appointment for a vaginal rejuvenation (SEE THE PICS) — Debra got ready on time and ended up waiting in a car for over 30 minutes. Farrah took her time, doing hair and makeup, and when she finally came down to the car later than she was supposed to, she went off on one of the producers named Kristen. Farrah made it very clear that she hated Kristen by cursing at her and telling her to never make her mom wait in a car again like that. Eek!

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