Taylor Hickson: 5 Things On The ‘Ghostland’ Actress Suing Over Horrific Face Injury

Posted on Mar 7 2018 - 7:35pm by admin

Meet Taylor Hickson, the young actress who is suing the producers of ‘Ghostland’ after an on-set injury left her face disfigured.

1.) Taylor Hickson, 20, is a Canadian actress from Kelowna, British Columbia. The oldest of four siblings, she began singing in talent shows with her dad when she was just 11 years old. After high school Taylor scored an audition with an acting agent, and the audition went so well that he signed her the very same day! It took a while and a lot of driving back and forth to auditions, but Taylor was eventually cast in her first movie role in 2015.

2.) She’s currently suing producers of her film ‘Ghostland’. As previously mentioned, an on-set injury caused the left side of Taylor’s face to be sliced wide open. Taylor was filming a scene that required her to bang on a glass door, and the director, Pascal Laugier, allegedly kept insisting she use more strength, reports our sister site, Deadline. “The glass shattered, causing [her] head and upper body to fall through the door and shards of glass. As a result of the incident, [she] badly cut the left side of her face,” the lawsuit states.

3.) Taylor’s injury left a huge scar. Despite undergoing various different treatments, including laser and silicone, the scar running up along the left side of her mouth is still very visible. According to the lawsuit, it’s unclear if any further treatment or plastic surgery can repair the damage done to Taylor’s skin, muscle tissue and face structure. You can see Taylor’s scar in the below Instagram:

4.) Why is Taylor suing? Aside from being put in harms way while filming a movie, Taylor’s injury has had a lasting effect on her personally. “It’s been mass amounts of insecurity, conflicted, confused, hurt, angry, and sad that this was my last day on set and no precautions were taken,” Taylor told Deadline in an interview. Additionally, Taylor was unable to keep acting for quite some time as she recovered from the injury.

5.) You’ve definitely seen Taylor before! The young actress may still be considered up and coming, but she’s had some very big roles since the start of her career. Her first role ever was in Blackway alongside the one and only Anthony Hopkins, while her most notable role was as Meghan Orlovsky in Deadpool alongside Ryan Reynolds. Taylor also played Nick Robinson‘s little sister, Kayra, in the indie teen romance movie, Everything, Everything.

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