Ta-Ta Towels Creator Erin Robertson: How Her Life-Changing Product Is Giving Back

Posted on Mar 24 2018 - 3:47am by admin

Meet the brilliant mind behind the Ta-Ta Towels! In our EXCLUSIVE interview, the creator of the BFF to your boobs explains how she continuously puts women first inside her business.

We recently had Erin Robertson, the inventor of the Ta-Ta Towels, in office to discuss her incredible invention. Not only is Kim Kardashian a fan, but so are we! When we spoke to Erin we desperately needed to know how she came up with the idea, executed it, and then kept it alive. Erin dished on all of that and more — including how her Ta-Ta Towels are manufactured only by women right here in the United States of America! In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting Erin not just her creation, but for how she and the Ta-Ta Towels, who launched a maternity line on March 22, are giving back to women in need. More on that in our EXCLUSIVE Q&A below!

What inspired you to create the Ta-Ta Towel? “For as long as I can remember, I always felt uncomfortable after a shower. I’d wrap a towel around my body to prepare to do my hair and makeup and the towel would always fall off, reminding me that I’m not your average size girl. I would always sweat profusely as I got ready, which just seemed silly, considering I had just showered. I knew there were velcro towels to help them stay put, hair towels for quick-dries, but there was nothing specific for breasts, Erin told HollywoodLife.  “At first, I really wanted to make something for myself to combat this problem. As I started talking to friends, they also had issues with boob sweat, but for different reasons and with different outcomes. One friend suffered from terrible rashes under her breasts, while another had to sleep in a bra for health reasons, which caused a myriad of additional health problems. It was clear that something had to be made for the masses. Women were just simply ‘dealing with’ these issues and the more I talked to people, the more I realized there had to be a solution.”

When did you first realize you had created something so special for women? “I was really nervous when I went viral because I was to send out tens of thousands of towels to tens of thousands of women, who would have tens of thousands of opinions. And I was scared of those opinions and judgments,” Erin shared. “Sure, the product worked for me, but what would others think? Within four days of my first big shipment, extremely positive and encouraging emails starting pouring in, and that’s when I knew. I’m thankful for consistent sales and word of mouth recommendations from people who say the Ta-Ta Towel is thee must-have item.”

Tell us about the women working for you and how important it is to support women in this economy. “It wasn’t necessarily a choice I had to make to support women in this economy, it’s just something that comes second-nature to me,” Erin told HollywoodLife. “I purposely and thoughtfully always choose to surround myself with strong and supportive female figures. It’s also very important to me to keep the Ta-Ta Towels made in the United States. Right now, I’m thankful to be working with a manufacturer who employs women of all ages (mostly elderly, though), who sew by hand and are extremely appreciated. They all have health benefits and are paid above minimum wage salaries. I know all of my sewers by name and we often have lunch together. They’re passionate about my cause, and that passion is translated into every stitch they make.”

Who are some of the women that inspired you growing up? “This is an interesting question, actually. Maybe it was the way I was brought up — or even the time I was brought up in (hi, no social media), but I can’t say that I had anyone to aspire to when I was growing up. As I got older and served as a personal assistant to different celebrities, I became driven by what I didn’t want to be — if that make sense,” Erin shared with HollywoodLife. “Today, I can truly say that I’m inspired by customers, as cliche as that may sound. I’ve always had body image issues, and it wasn’t really until I started learning more about the variety of customers I had and what they were using the Ta-Ta Towel for that I really felt a sense of admiration. Women who would be considered on the larger side, but can still boast a sense of fearless confidence, is something that I wouldn’t know a woman could do and be, had I not seen such success with this company. Women who go through such incredible hardships, but still are able to see the positive in a situation. All of these women are women I’m so proud to have wear my invention. The women I’m creating these garments for are definitely the people who inspire me today.”

What are some of the ways you are giving back both personally and with Ta Ta Towels? “We donate Ta-Ta Towels to women going through radiation at different radiation centers throughout Los Angeles and Portland. I look forward to being able to give back a lot more — and I have many ideas on how to do this — but I’m still such a small company and have a lot of foundational work to accomplish first. Giving back — and giving back to women — is extremely important to me and will become one of my company’s pillars as I continue to grow.”

As a female entrepreneur in such an important time for gender equality, what do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? “I want to be remembered as the girl who had a silly idea, but didn’t let any judgment, laughter and side-eye get in the way of her dreams,” Erin told HollywoodLife. “I struggled financially for a long time and could have easily given up, but I didn’t. In fact, just when I really strongly considered it, everything turned around for me just three days later. I took that as a big sign.”

Erin added, “The Ta-Ta Towel is not simply a product. Functionally, the Ta-Ta Towel is a useful and comfortable garment that’s used by a variety of women for a variety of reasons. Conceptually, it means so much more. It empowers women, gives them confidence, relief, happiness, and the ability to just be comfortable in their own skin. And THAT is what I want people to remember me for.”

Anything else you want to share in honor of Women’s History Month? “I hope that Women’s History doesn’t become history. I hope women can keep making history and that women continue supporting one another. Life is really hard. And without the strength and encouragement of good women in your life, it’s harder. Don’t ever give up. Ever.”

To learn more about the Ta-Ta Towels, check out their official website HERE. Make sure to also follow Ta-Ta Towels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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