‘SNL’: Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton & More First Ladies Comfort Melania After Stormy Allegations

Posted on Feb 5 2018 - 8:47am by admin

Love it! ‘Saturday Night Live’ just hilariously poked fun at Donald Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels in the best way ever!

Okay, that might have been the perfect Saturday Night Live sketch! Melania Trump (played by Cecily Strong, 33) sits alone sadly wishing she didn’t have to attend President Donald Trump‘s, 71, State of the Union address amid the aftermath of the allegations that he had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, 38. That’s when the First Lady gets a few visitors! First, Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman, 36) arrives to say this: “You’re not the only first lady whose husband had affairs. Jack cheated on me with Marilyn Monroe.” To which Melania responded: “Oh please, she was in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Donald’s girl was in Guys Like It Shaved.”

Next was Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon, 34) who appeared out a hidden compartment. “Hillary Clinton, the world knew all your secrets. How did you survive being first lady?” Melania asks. Hillary cheerfully responds: “You just remind yourself it will all be worth it when you’re president.” Then she let out a blood-curdling laugh. Wow! Head here for loads more pics from season 43 of the beloved show!

But that wasn’t the end of Melania’s special guests! Next was Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant, 30). She materializes outside and has to axe her way through the window to get in! When Melania says she doesn’t want to go to the speech, Martha replies: “Maybe being first lady means being with somebody you don’t really like who doesn’t treat you very well.”  That’s when Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones, 50) shows up to set Martha straight! “Barack and I have the perfect relationship. It’s like The Notebook but black and rich.” When Hillary complains, Michelle shuts her down! “Whatever. My arms rule. I love vegetables and I can be president whenever I want.” Love it! We’re not sure if these former first ladies inspired Melania but we’re dying!

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