‘SNL’: Hope Hicks Visits Weekend Update — WH Is Like Summer Camp, Everyone Leaves In 8 Weeks

Posted on Mar 4 2018 - 6:52pm by admin

Weekend Update just took some amazing shots at former White House aid Hope Hicks after she left the administration! Check it out!

Weekend Update hosts Michael Che, 34, and Colin Jost, 35, once again welcomed onto the set a special guest on March 3: former White House communications secretary Hope Hicks (played by Cecily Strong). She brought along a letter (which sounded far more like a graduation day speech) to bid farewell to her White House gig, but first she shared these insights about the job she’s leaving behind. “Working at the White House was like going to summer camp. You make all these new friends, you barely get any sleep and everybody leaves after 8 weeks.” She went on to add, “Plus there’s, like, tons of cute boys there and most of them are like classic bad boys. Just crazy haircuts and breaking the law and they’ve all hit a girls.” Yikes!  See more photos from the latest season of the sketch comedy series right here!

You can always count on Weekend Update to spice up the news with some biting and irreverent humor. On Feb. 3, French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot (played by Cecily and Kate McKinnon, respectively) dropped by to share their shockingly outdated ideas on sexual assault, and yet it was hilarious! “Free Harvey Weinstein,” Brigitte proclaims between puffs on a cigarette. Later she states: “Why does the woman have breasts? It is for man to grab and pull… This is nature. A drawer have a knob. A woman have 2 knobs.” Just. Wow.

Of course, what truly set Weekend Update apart from the rest of SNL are their barby remarks for President Donald Trump and his perpetually chaotic White House. In mid-December, after Roy Moore failed to claim Alabama’s senate seat, the allegations of sexual assault against the president were readdressed and Colin had the perfect response! “Nine senators came forward to call for President Trump to resign from office over the allegations of sexual assault this week,” he said. “The problem is you’re never going to shame ‘President Graba**’ out of office. Shame for Trump is like spinach for Popeye. It only makes him stronger.” Somehow sooo true!

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