Shaun White Wins Gold Medal In Men’s Halfpipe As Fans Cheer He’s ‘Unhuman’

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 9:50pm by admin

After Chloe Kim took home gold on the halfpipe at the Winter Olympics, it was Shaun White’s turn. He crushed it in what’s likely his final games, bringing home the gold in an epic finish.

For Shaun White, the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea was a shot at redemption. After failing to medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, his turn on the halfpipe on Feb. 13 was likely the last shot the 31-year-old Shaun had at Olympic gold. He’d be 35 when the Beijing 2022 games rolled around, so it was now or never. In an epic final run he sealed the deal with a score of  97.75 and his third Olympic gold medal. He erupted in tears of joy at the feat and hoisted the stars and stripes above his head. To make the moment even more iconic, it’s the 100th gold medal won by an American in the modern Winter Olympics. History made! His dad said he had never seen Shaun cry and he was bawling in both his mom and dad’s arms after his winning run. It was SO emotional.

He was absolutely fearless in his first run with super giant height on his first jump and just kept the momentum going from there. He had by far the riskiest moves of anyone in the competition and pulled it off with such ease. At the end of his run he was so stoked he pulled off his helmet and goggles, throwing them into the air with elation. Shaun took the lead after the first round with a 94.75, which fans felt was way too low because what he nailed was so far and above any of his competition.

Shaun’s second run turned out to be disastrous, as he fell on one of his landings. This allowed Japan’s Ayumu Hirano to take the lead by one point heading into the third and deciding run for the gold medal, setting up a nail biter of a finish with Australia’s Scotty James nipping at their heels for a medal position. But Shaun loves to go last and put up epic finishes and he brought it in spades. With the ride of his career he blew it away on height, executed two back to back 1440’s and he put it DOWN!

The men’s halfpipe final came after Chloe Kim, 17, became the face of U.S. snowboarding. She had already secured gold with her first run, nailing a backside air, frontside 1080, cab 720, frontside 90, McTwist and frontside inverted 720, according to NBC Olympics. That combination of really real tricks (for real) earned her a score of 93.75. When she took her “victory lap” run, she decided to got for it—nailing back-to-back 1080s, earning a score of 98.25. She also earned a Gold Medal for her trouble.

Check out Shaun’s amazing winning run and the praise on Twitter that he’s “inhuman” with his sick skills.

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