‘Shadowhunters’ Guest Star Javier Muñoz: Lorenzo ‘Definitely Has A Grudge’ Against Magnus

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‘Shadowhunters’ is welcoming the incredibly talented Javier Muñoz to the show! The ‘Hamilton’ star previews that his character, Lorenzo, will be an ‘obstacle in all ways’ for Magnus and more!

Javier Muñoz will be entering the world of Shadowhunters as Lorenzo Rey, a warlock and rival to the one and only Magnus Bane. Javier will be making his first entrance on the March 27 episode. We’ll first meet Javier’s Lorenzo when Magnus passes the high warlock baton over to Lorenzo. From the sneak peek that’s already been released, there’s some bad blood brewing between Lorenzo and Magnus.

HollywoodLife got to talk EXCLUSIVELY with Javier ahead of the episode about his exciting new role. Buckle up, Magnus fans, it’s going to be a bumpy ride in the episodes ahead. Lorenzo has beef with Magnus, and the drama is going to get kicked up to a whole new level. In addition to teasing what’s to come with Lorenzo’s storyline, Javier also revealed how this guest-starring stint came about and his thoughts on a musical episode of Shadowhunters. Check out our full Q&A below!

What can you tease about Lorenzo?
Javier Muñoz: He has got a great big chip on his shoulder. He’s got a grudge against Magnus. There is tension there that goes back for decades and years and eons between the two of them. I’ll say this, as an actor, it’s really difficult to be the nemesis of one of my favorite characters. But he definitely has a grudge. He’s got some negativity towards Magnus. What I can say is that it’s not unfounded. I think it will make sense to fans. I think they will be able to sort of understand why there’s tension. It’ll take some time for it to reveal itself and unfold, but it’s worth the journey because it’s quite extraordinary.

So he’s definitely going to challenge Magnus…
Javier Muñoz: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Will you be interacting with other characters on the show?
Javier Muñoz: Here and there. The plotline is mostly connected to Magnus and, of course, Alec. Every now and then I’ll get to do something with the other characters. I don’t want to give too much away!

Could Lorenzo provide some challenges for Malec?
Javier Muñoz: Let’s just say that he is definitely an obstacle in all ways in Magnus’s life.

Are we going to see more of you beyond the March 27 episode?
Javier Muñoz: Yes, a lot more. It’s a wonderful little arc that they’ve written that I think fans are going to enjoy. I feel like Lorenzo is the guy that people are going to love to hate.

Considering Lorenzo and Magnus’s background, could we possibly see flashbacks of what led to this bad blood?
Javier Muñoz: I’m going to say that history will be referenced along the arc.

How did this Shadowhunters guest starring role came about?
Javier Muñoz: It’s actually one of the more amazing things. I was a fan of the show, and I was posting about some episodes in season one, I want to say two years ago, maybe. Kat [McNamara] was a fan of Hamilton, and so we were already following each other. I was following her based on my love of the show, and she was following me from her love of Hamilton. She caught wind of my posts about Shadowhunters. We started talking, and we got to become friends. The next thing I know, Matt [Daddario] has come to see the show, Harry [Shum Jr.] has come to the see the show, and I believe the showrunners at that point felt like there was an opportunity to create something and tie me in. It was born from pure fandom and affection for each other’s work.

Have you thought about a possible musical episode?
Javier Muñoz: I think it would be amazing. I definitely try to bring a musical element to my social media when I’m out there and get these folks singing and rapping and stuff, which is always so much fun to do with them. I think so because Matt Hastings has that musical love and affection for musical, so who knows? This could be something good!

Anything that surprised you about working on Shadowhunters?
Javier Muñoz: Yes, actually, and it’s positive. The thing that surprised me the most is every single person on that set, in front of the camera, behind the camera, in every office, every aspect of this show, everyone loves what they’re doing. Everyone loves to be there. Everyone is joyful and kind and creative and positive. It’s rare as an artist to walk into something in general that has that kind of energy, but to be able to walk into something that’s on its third season and still has that energy is a gift. I was very surprised by that and pleasantly surprised. Every time I get to go out there, it’s a gift. It’s a thing to cherish to be able to go out there and be around that kind of energy.

Did you have any creative input on your character?
Javier Muñoz: Just as far as personality. When you first meet him, the arc doesn’t deviate from who you’ll meet initially, but I believe every time I got to explore the character, it just gets richer and deeper. They really let me play with a nice balance of his darkness and his being so sinister and calculating with comedy. I get to add a little tongue in cheek to what he says and does.

Considering Lorenzo is a powerful warlock, could he potentially cross paths with Lilith this season?
Javier Muñoz: Let’s just say that I haven’t seen the complete arc. I don’t know where Lorenzo ends and so possibilities are open for just abotu anything to happen.

Given that you are a fan of the show, do you have a favorite character?
Javier Muñoz: Oh my god, absolutely! It’s Magnus. To be on set with him and be his nemesis, it’s kind of crazy. He’s been my favorite character the entire time.

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