‘Shadowhunters’: Alisha Wainwright Reveals Major Maia Scoop & Teases Jordan’s Arrival

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‘Shadowhunters’ season 3 is only a few more weeks away, and HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop straight from Alisha Wainwright on what we can expect from Maia and more.

Secrets are running wild among the Shadowhunters and Downworlders after Valentine’s death. Shadowhunters season 2 ended with quite a bang, and season 3 is going to pick up in the aftermath of all that drama. Your favorite characters are going to be trying to find a new normal amidst the chaos. However, the arrival of Lilith is definitely going to cause a lot problems. HollywoodLife spoke with Alisha Wainwright about all things season 3. Buckle up, guys.

Alisha spills major Simon and Maia scoop in our EXCLUSIVE interview. The arrival of Jordan Kyle (Chai Hansen) will definitely stir things up. Jordan is a fan-favorite from Cassandra Clare’s books, but he’s got a complicated history with Maia. Shadowhunters season 3 premieres March 20. Check out our full Q&A below.

What can you tease about Simon and Maia in season 3?
Alisha Wainwright: When we left them in season 2, we were kind of unsure where we were at. Maia didn’t have a lot of information about where he was going off to. In her mind, season 3 is going to be about bliss. She’s coming at it lacking the knowledge that the audience kind of gets a hint of at the end of season 2. So we have to solve that problem in season 3. The Seelie Queen obviously did something to Simon, and we’re not quite sure what it is. He made some kind of deal with her to save Maia, and so season 3 jumps off with that. Dealing with the repercussions of that brings them closer together, I think, throughout the season. Then obviously we announced we have Jordan for season 3, and I think his character, being Maia’s ex-boyfriend, puts a wrench into their relationship. I think some of the foundational elements are tested.

One of my favorite scenes of season 2 was you telling Simon about how you became a werewolf.
Alisha Wainwright: The audience is like, “We don’t like Jordan. He sounds like a really bad guy.” And Chai [Hansen] is a dream to work with. He is so sweet and so goofy and very self-deprecating. I think he’ll really captivate the audience with his charm, but the audience is coming from a place of we don’t like what you did in the past. I think season 3 for Maia will be a lot about forgiveness.

Could we possibly see a new perspective on what happened?
Alisha Wainwright: Never to cast anyone’s personal experience, it’s their truth. She’s coming at it as someone who was hurt by a man, and we do have some flashback stuff. I feel like you’re really going to see what actually happened, and then it’s left up to the audience to decide whether or not — it’s not about right or wrong — it’s about this supernatural element made someone do something that was out of their control. The writers are really smart in putting a situation out there and leaving it up to the audience to decide. Can you move past a situation like that? Can someone be forgiven? Once someone is coming from being attacked, being assaulted, I’ve never been in a situation like that, but I would imagine that forgiveness could help you move past things, not that you ever forget. I do think she deals with that throughout the season, and it’s a very touchy subject now especially with the #MeToo movement. Maia’s one of the only characters in the show who comes from a place of hurt like that. Magnus does, too, but we really delve deep into Maia in season 3.

One of the great things about Shadowhunters is that the show take these real-life issues and put them in a supernatural world.
Alisha Wainwright: That’s honestly what I love about it. If you look at it at face value, you’re missing the point. I think there’s a lot that can be said, and you have the flexibility of kind of defaulting on the supernatural to get your point across so that it’s not incredibly political, but at the same time you are trying to say something about what it’s like to someone who’s been hurt. How do you move on? If you live in a place of anger and hurt, how do you open yourself up to new relationships? I think that’s the test of Maia in season 3, and the writers and I agreed that forgiveness and taking on leadership are the two main focuses of Maia.

How does Luke fit into all of this?
Alisha Wainwright: The thing about season 3 is we’re having a re-diversion of tasks. Luke is being pulled in a different direction where the pack is starting to see less and less of his desire to lead, which creates internal struggle. We got a taste of that in season 2, and I think it’s pushed even further. As much as Luke is a father figure to Maia, I think he is also ready to kind of take off her training wheels and let her take care of some things on her own and take own more responsibility. It’s up to Maia, dealing with her own personal stuff, whether or not she wants to do that.

How does the tone feel for season 3?
Alisha Wainwright: I feel like a lot of stuff happened in season 2, and I think in season 3 you kind of take a step back and see how do you make the day to day work. It’s less about the stuff that’s happening, the stuff that’s being done to the people, and more about how the people are connecting with each other. How can we have a relationship when you’re a vampire and I’m a werewolf? In season 2, we never really had to deal with that, but now in season 3 it’s an issue and one that we didn’t really see. Now we’re trying to deal with making sure everyone accepts us, and again, it’s a way to touch on a theme outside of the show in a non-political way.

Lilith is the new villain in season 3. What can you tease about her? 
Alisha Wainwright: She’s so good at being this dichotomy of pure bad but coming from a very maternal stance. Any good villain is coming at it from their heart. It’s their passion that drives the bad. All she wants to do is be with her son. She will do anything for that, just like Clary and Jace love each other and they’ll do anything for each other, but in a bad way. I think that Sebastian’s character was bad in a way that he just wants to fix that hurt, and Lilith just wants to help. She’s a great villain.

You’re really into boxing and muay thai. How did that start? 
Alisha Wainwright: It actually started on the show. I was so impressed with my cast mates and what they could do stunts wise. I didn’t really have experience. I think I took tae kwon do when I was a kid so I started taking classes in LA. I got really into and it’s now my primary source of fitness. I pushed the producers so much that they wrote that scene in 13 because I was like, “Please! I know how to do some stuff.” I’m hoping to do more of that as the show goes on.

You almost became a sommelier, right?
Alisha Wainwright: Before I became an actor, I thought I wanted to go into wine. So I took my level one sommelier, and when I was studying for my level 2, I started booking acting jobs so I didn’t finish it. I love wine still and I drink it more for pleasure than for picking nuance of whatever smell or whatnot. Eventually, I will go back and do my general som because I know half the stuff anyway.

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