Ric Hassani: “I'm thankful but generally I'm just very shaken up” says singer about his car accident

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Singer Ric Hassani was involved in a serious car accident on Wednesday, December 27, 2017.

According to his publicist, Ric Hassani was on his way from an event when he had the accident at around 5:30 am in Lekki. Thankfully Ric Hassani did not sustain any major injuries only minor cuts and bruises.

Pulse reached out to the singer who confirmed he was in an accident. “I’m thankful but generally I’m just very shaken up by everything,” Hassani told Pulse.

Ric Hassani's damaged carplay

Ric Hassani’s damaged car

(Cobbs Company )


(I have) minor bruises and cuts on my shoulder, knee and arm because the hospital said it’s like my chest hit the wheel before the airbags” said Ric Hassani.

A shot of Ric Hassani's car after the accidentplay

A shot of Ric Hassani’s car after the accident

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On Christmas, Ric Hassani dropped a brand new video titled ‘Police off his debut album ‘The African Gentleman‘.

Ric Hassani - Policeplay

‘Police’ is one of the stand-out tracks on the album.

(Ric Hassani)


His show Live and Wavy‘ held on Friday, December 8, 2017, at Freedom Park, Lagos.

Other acts who performed were Bez, Tjan, Johnny Drille, Jeff Akoh and Byno.

Ric Hassani was beyond exceptional, especially at his concert. He employed the use of humour as a sauce to the primary theme of the night – good music.

Ric Hassani.play

Ric Hassani.



The singer established a presence on stage that gave him the reflection of a veteran in the business of churning out sensational melodies.


Ric Hassani is presently resting and recuperating from the injuries he sustained.

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