‘RHOA’ Recap: NeNe Leakes Gets Fired From Xscape’s Tour After Rape Joke

Posted on Mar 19 2018 - 6:49pm by admin

The ladies finally returned home from Barcelona, during the March 18 episode of ‘RHOA’, but the drama didn’t stay in Spain. Not only did Kandi and Kim face off, but NeNe was blasted for a rape joke.

Upon returning home from Barcelona, during the March 18 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak faced off on social media over the controversial video Kim sent to all the ladies during their trip. NeNe actually posted the video on social media, while calling out Brielle Biermann and labeling Kim’s family as racists. In case you’re unaware, Kim’s daughter Brielle was at NeNe’s house during her White Party earlier this season, and during a bathroom break, she saw a roach on the floor and documented it on video. Kim then sent the video to all the ladies while they were in Barcelona, as a way to hurt NeNe. While it was a childish move for Kim to send the video to everyone, the ladies thought NeNe really crossed a line by calling Kim a racist. “It sounds very racial, when you are speaking to an African-American person and talking about roaches, because people feel you’re associating that with the ghetto or trash. Black people do not receive that very well,” NeNe explained.

Sadly, we never saw a resolution to this issue, as NeNe had another scandal to deal with this week. During a stand-up routine, which was not filmed by Bravo cameras, NeNe attacked a person in the audience, telling them she hopes they get raped by their Uber driver. It was super controversial and ended up getting NeNe fired from opening Xscape‘s tour. Kandi told Sheree that it came down to a decision made by both advertisers and the group. Not only did the group not want that negativity surrounding their comeback, but advertisers didn’t want to support a show that had an opener who jokes about rape. NeNe was blasted online, and we saw her break down in tears over the situation. She also cried to Cynthia and Marlo, telling them that it was a quick reaction to a woman telling her to go kill herself, but even so, she deeply regrets ever saying it.

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Meanwhile, Kandi and Kim sat down for the first time in years. It wasn’t really clear as to why they met up, but Kandi called Kim out for always leaving events early and having her husband wait outside while they’re hanging out. Kim got defensive and started cursing, which just pissed Kandi off and they got into a bit of a tiff. But fortunately, things cooled down and they were able to finish a meal together. Kim also said that had they never fought over her song all those years ago, they’d probably still be tight today. Kandi agreed, but said she wanted to keep that stuff in the past and not rehash it.

Could Kandi be the one that brings NeNe and Kim back together? Only time will tell.

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