REMOANER group attends BBC Question Time to recruit for ANTI-BREXIT march through Leeds

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 4:55pm by admin

Leeds for Europe has organised an event taking place on Saturday, March 24 called the “Great Northern March” which is expected to bring Leeds to a standstill.

The group posted on their Twitter account: “We are here in #Leeds to welcome the @bbcquestiontime audience to our fine city, just 48 hours before we take to the streets to demand a final say on Brexit!”

The group even seemed to accuse the BBC of going out of their way to find young Brexit supporters.

They added: “Looks like the BBC had to trawl far and wide to find pro-Brexit young people to appear on Question Time in Leeds tonight.

“We spoke to one audience member on the way in to tell him about the march this Saturday: ‘I’m in favour of Brexit’ he said, ‘and anyway, I’m not from Leeds.’”

Replying to another Twitter user, the group did not refrain from using a disparaging term used for Question Time audience members.

There is a viral image shared on Twitter which shows a collection of previous audience members who tend to be older, right-wing, Brexit supporters and describing them as “gammon”.

A Twitter user asked the group: “Oh God…. Leeds, another gammon stronghold… like the rest of bloody Yorkshire…”

Leeds for Europe replying: “No – we are not a gammon stronghold, although we can’t claim to be gammon free!”

Ironically, the Question Time audience was under 30 and the panel answered questions about whether the older generation were being blamed for Brexit and ruining the young’s future.

But this did not stop left-wing Twitter users from sharing the “gammon” picture after seemingly failing to notice that the audience was entirely composed of young people.

Some people on Twitter reacted to the presence of the protest group with outrage.

One user said: “The BBC are allowing a pro-EU and anti-Brexit organisation to harass audience members on their way into the BBC Question Time venue for this evening’s episode.

“It reminds me of the way the far left attacked Ukip supporters going into meetings.”

Before adding: “Ignoring the fact that the audience is restricted to under 30-year-olds.

“Leftists always post snappy sound bites before they have checked the facts.”

Leeds was one of the most divided parts of the country and only narrowly secured a Remain victory with 50.3 per cent of the vote compared to 49.7 for Leave.

Organisers claim the march will be the largest march Yorkshire has ever seen and it will close routes through the city for a number of hours.

Speaking at the march includes the undemocratically elected Lord Adonis who is committed to overturning the democratic vote for Brexit and Co-leader of The Green Party Jonathan Bartley.

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