Remainer Labour peer stuns as she attacks 'stupid arrogant' Brexit bill and Tory ministers

Posted on Jan 14 2020 - 1:53pm by admin

The House of Lords were discussing Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement when Baroness Hayter made her comments. The Labour Life peer said the Government were “rushing” and “ramming” through their “very poor” Brexit bill. Baroness Hayter also criticised the “scant regard” the Tories had shown for the normal democratic law-making process. 

Baroness Hayter began by praising Lord Barwell before slamming the Government. 

She said: “I have great hopes of him given how well he responded as housing minister to my and this houses plea to make client money protection compulsory for letting agents.

“He heard the arguments, he made a decision and he made it happen.

“If only the current Government was as good.

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“Because before us we have a very poor bill and one being rushed through parliament, perhaps understandably rushed as the 31st of January is approaching.

“It is not just being rushed it is being rammed through.

“The Government determined to allow no changes what so ever even if deficiencies are identified.

“This is both stupid as it means correction will have to be made later but also arrogant with scant regard for our normal democratic lawmaking.”

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