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Dr Patrick Dele Cole wrote a serialised piece in the Guardian newspaper of nineteenth of November 2014 underneath the title: “Islam, radicalism and threat to peace”. The relentless shrill and coarse large-brush denunciations of Islam that filled the complete article most effective provided every other proof that Islamophobia is prospering and revered in sure quarters in Nigeria; that sure persons are meaning to transform essentially the most seen and flamboyant figurehead of the Islamophobia business in Nigeria.

it’s a nice marvel that regardless of his publicity, Dr Cole might simply cram his article with a lot curious false beliefs that, as a former Nigerian ambassador to Brazil, it is each horrifying and peculiar. Some folks have questioned how a former ambassador might so openly specific radical lack of knowledge on the pages of a national day by day. but, as the former President Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the united states as soon as remarked “the difficulty with our liberal pals is just not that they’re ignorant, however that they recognize so much that isn’t so” (Reagan 1964). Dr Cole’s article locations him squarely on this class.

To a discerning mind, so much of the false beliefs printed in the article are simply dismantled. for instance, he states that Islam “condemns to death any Moslem marrying outside the religion.” This unsubstantiated declare, like different outrageous ones within the article, flies in the face of purpose. if truth be told it will have been laughable were it no longer for its doubtlessly serious penalties. allow us to observe what the Quran, the absolute best source of religious instruction in Islam, categorically states in recognize to inter-religion marriage in Islam “…The meals (slaughtered cattle, eatable animals) of the folks of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them. (Lawful to you in marriage) are chaste girls from the believers and chaste ladies from folks who got the Scripture (Jews and Christians) earlier than your time if you have given their due Mahr (bridal-money given by way of the husband to his spouse on the time of marriage), wanting chastity (i.e. taking them in felony wedlock) not committing illegal sexual activity, nor taking them as girlfriends…”[al-Maa’idah 5:5]. So, the place did Dr Cole get the false belief that Muslims who marry outside the religion are hunted down and killed?

whereas it is actual that Muslim ladies are forbidden from marrying outside the faith, multiple examples of Muslim women which have flouted this Quranic rule abound around us. within the opening sentence of the article, Dr Cole states that “Islamic world view lately is a destabilizing factor in world politics – which view has no position for non-Moslems – except for to die with the aid of the sword – Kafirs – fit just for slaughter”. once more, one would marvel what planet Dr Cole should have lived on to come back to this kind of extraordinary working out. besides, the conception that only 1/fifth of world’s population, the Muslim inhabitants, may also be divinely recommended to be killing everyone they arrive across is just absurd.

If Islam is truly hate-filled and calls to vigilante terrorism because the likes of Dr Cole would like us believe, then why there used to be never a Jewish Holocaust in a Muslim united states in the last 1400+ years? If indeed the Islamic world view has no location for non-Muslims, why do the Iranian Jews (of whom there are hundreds) refuse to go away Iran and go to Israel? Why is it that in Muslim-majority Syria, the government in truth gives you land to Christians for the building of churches, along with free water and electricity and the Syrian Christians have their own non-public standing criminal code, straight from the Vatican.
Why is it that in Palestine, the birthplace of Jesus Christ (AS), there still exist nowadays a Christian community which traces its history again to Jesus Christ- unbroken? If certainly, the Islamic world view calls to blood-letting of those who don’t subscribe to its tenets, why is it that below the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal, some 30 p.c of this Muslim dynasty’s the Aristocracy from which the state infantrymen were drawn weren’t Muslim, a share that had risen to 50 % in the reign of his son Aurangzeb (1658-1707). If Islam was perpetual jihadism, why would so many non-Muslims subscribe to in – and be allowed to join in? If Muslims were savages bent on perpetual terror, by means of what moronic logic would they arm the enemies they have been commanded to wipe out, train them to battle and incorporate them into their armies?

The Islamic rule within the Iberian peninsula lasted for about 800 years and ushered in golden generation of energy, development and inter-faith tolerance. After Seville fell to Ferdinand III of Castile (1199-1252) in December 1248, the poet Ar-Rundi said “the whole lot declines after accomplishing perfection …”. the whole tale of the horror and sufferings endured by means of the Moriscos by the hands of their Christian conquerors has by no means fully been told. When the Ottoman Empire eventually collapsed at the finish of World warfare I, its capital, then known as Constantinople, used to be over 50 percent non-Muslim. The Ottomans left in the back of really good public, personal structures and great memories in virtually all of the locations the place they had ruled.

unlike Dr Cole’s view of the world, Prophet Muhammad (AS) exemplified the authentic world view that Islam preaches. In 628 C.E, he in my view dictated a treaty (also called ‘constitution of Privileges’) to the monks of St. Catherine Monastery in Mt. Sina. In it, the Prophet declared:

“it is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to people who undertake Christianity, near and some distance, we’re with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers protect them, because Christians are my citizens; and via Allah! I hang out in opposition to anything else that displeases them.

No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be faraway from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries

no one is to break a home of their religion, to break it, or to hold anything else from it to the Muslims’ houses. will have to anyone take any of those, he would wreck God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they’re my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate….” (‘Muslim history: 570 – 1950 C.E.’ through Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq, ZMD company).

rapidly afterwards, at the conquest of Jerusalem by way of the 2nd successor to the Prophet, Umar Ibn Al-Khattab rode to Jerusalem upon the request of the Church leaders. Upon entry into Jerusalem, Umar dictated a treaty with the Christian citizens of Jerusalem which partly states:

“that is the reassurance of safety which the servant of God, Umar, the Commander of the faithful, has given to the individuals of Jerusalem. He has given them an assurance of security for themselves for their property, their churches, their crosses, the unwell and healthy of the city and for all the rituals which belong to their religion. Their church buildings will not be inhabited by means of Muslims and may not be destroyed. Neither they, nor the land on which they stand, nor their pass, nor their property might be damaged. they’ll no longer be forcibly transformed.” (the good Arab Conquests, from Tarikh Tabari)

on the time, these had been through far essentially the most revolutionary treaties in history. For comparability, simply 23 years earlier when Jerusalem used to be conquered by the Persians from the Byzantines, a common bloodbath was once ordered. some other bloodbath ensued when Jerusalem used to be conquered through the Crusaders from the Muslims in 1099. The treaty that Umar (RA) made with the Christians of Jerusalem changed into the standard for Muslim-Christian members of the family all through the former Byzantine Empire, with rights of conquered folks being secure in all situations, and compelled conversions by no means being a sanctioned act.

what is going to it take to provide an explanation for to the likes of Dr Cole that his legendary Islam will not be what the overwhelming majority of the Muslim practices? also, how come he is aware of the crimes of the Muslims and the existential risk that Islam represents, whereas he is aware of nothing of his own and that of the religion he practices? As a Christian on this united states of america, it may be comforting for him to consider that he command such ethical heights when he publicizes that “all conflicts on the earth apart from Ukraine is Muslim primarily based”, yet, he chose to forget about the very fact of the millions of massacred civilians stretching from Wounded Knee to Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, Panama metropolis, and more just lately all through the rubble strewn streets of Baghdad, Falluja, Ramadi, and occupied Palestinian territories. All these places endure silent witness to the unspeakable horror that people have skilled by the hands of different human beings. Most victims of those horrific crimes in opposition to humanity are Muslims. Of the entire world conflicts that Dr Cole claims are “Muslim based”, he should inform us a single Muslim united states of america that is pouring weapons of mass destruction into these risky areas and battle zones as does the so-referred to as Judeo-Christian international locations. almost the whole actors in the totally different conflicts around the world had been schooled smartly in modern warfare by no means taught in Islam- the dramatic explosions, the fireballs, the focused killing, and the suicide bombers are all straight out of Hollywood.

Dr Cole, by using his personal hands, has proven that he is a right away reincarnation of the Encyclopaedists within the eighteenth century who did not know and didn’t care to understand what the Muslim believed, nor seek to know the views of jap Christians with reference to the Islamic faith. He attributes the entire conflicts on the planet to Islam and Muslims however overlook that in July 2011, Anders Behring Breivik was once arrested and charged with terrorism after a automobile bombing in Oslo and a mass taking pictures on Utøya island that killed 77 folks. Hours previous to the occasions, Breivik had released a 1,500-page manifesto detailing his beliefs that immigrants had been undermining Norway’s traditional Christian values.

The national Liberation entrance of Tripura (NLFT), a insurrection crew that seeks the secession of Tripura, North-East India, from the us of a, has been described as Christian terrorists enticing in terrorist violence stimulated by way of their Christian beliefs. The NLFT contains in its aims the pressured conversion of all tribespeople in Tripura to Christianity. The Lord’s Resistance army (LRA), a cult and guerrilla military, is currently engaged in an armed riot against the Ugandan govt. seeing that 2005 when the rebel started, the LRA has been accused of using child squaddies and of committing a lot of crimes against humanity; together with massacres, abductions, mutilation, torture, rape, and the use of pressured youngster labourers as infantrymen, porters, and intercourse slaves. LRA, just about like Boko Haram, is a quasi-religious movement that mixes some components of Christian beliefs with its own model of spiritualism. Its chief, Joseph Kony, pronounces himself the spokesperson of God and a spirit medium. Eric Robert Rudolph who carried out the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996, in addition to subsequent attacks on an abortion health facility is, in step with Michael Barkun, a professor at Syracuse university, a Christian terrorist. James A. Aho, a professor at Idaho State university additionally argues that spiritual concerns impressed Rudolph.

These are all examples of crimes perpetrated in the identify of Christ however no one calls on the Christians to apologise for them. i know it is going to be difficult to persuade individuals who make agreement with them a precondition of even having a dialog to alter their views. My wish is that the type of “prompted reasoning” that permeates Dr Cole’s article— pursuing knowledge that confirms what we already suppose and discarding the remainder — will help others see how dangerous it is to selectively learn historical past.

at last, Dr Cole states his frustration with the Nigerian Muslims- that we aren’t sufficiently offended with Boko Haram. “they have to do something past pious declarations in newspapers.” This public lynching of Muslims and the demonization that paves the best way for it merely have to prevent. In a scenario the place only thinking about condemning Boko Haram can get one shot in the head (and numerous Muslim/Muslim leaders have died this way) will not be brave enough, then I merely don’t understand what else Dr Cole expects from us. however the Muslim neighborhood has bent over backwards and carried out far more than this. actually, many Muslims have acted as human protect in opposition to the terrorists. In a country that cannot guarantee personal safety for any individual, majority of these caught in the line of fireside are Muslims, their lives have been disrupted, some irretrievably. other Muslims, like their counterpart citizens, make daily sacrifices offering very important services in hospitals, saving reside, donating blood, offering for the orphans of the victims of terrorism or, as members of the militia, loss of life gallantly in battles- as unsung heroes. These are one of the vital necessary contributions that Muslims are making to improve national safety and defeat terrorism. but in fact, Dr Cole is having none of it.

Thanks and ma’a salaam.

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