Pulse Music: 10 new songs you need to hear this week

Posted on Feb 16 2018 - 4:58pm by admin

Away from the bright lights of pop stars, there’s a healthy dose of music coming out of Nigeria. Every week, Pulse brings you the other side of the culture that you barely see. We’re scratching the underbelly of Nigerian creativity for this one.

1. Eclipse – ‘You go know’

“You No Go Know” which was produced by “Eclipse Nkasi”, recorded and mixed by “Spane 5” is bass heavy hip-hop song in which he vulnerably narrates the challenges of a rapper and his triumph through the years. Aided by a catchy hook, flawless story telling and use of imagery, this song will touch your heart and bring you close to tears.

2. Eclipse – ‘I need you’

“I Need You” is a groovy fusion of dance-hall, hip-hop and trap. Produced by “Eclipse Nkasi”, recorded and mixed by “Exo Magege”. The song is a sequel to “You No Go Know”.

3. Maka – ‘I just got a cheque’ ft Muna

Maka hopes to inspire millennials with her life lessons, learning on her journey that consistency, hard work and a strong belief in self could save the youth from creative strife and poverty.

4. Idyl – ‘Better love’

Better Love is a mid-tempo song that features traditional Yoruba percussion sounds. It is a love song that sees Idyl use his appealing voice to gain the love of a woman.

5. KJ Sunmon – Fun

Talented Nigerian artiste KJ Sunmon (protege of International producer Sarz), releases his self-produced debut single titled “Fun”. It’s a fusion of old school funk & modern day pop music. He’s definitely one to look out for this year.

6. Dwin, The Stoic – ‘Are you the one’

In this acoustic song, Dwin is curious about the way of things – his brittle heart, the brevity of life, the silence of God. All these and more plague him as he tells his story.

7. Omotayo – ‘Milky way’ Vol. 1

Omotayo lives through every note and his falsetto will give Maxwell a run for his money, as he has done in a cover of ‘This Woman’s Work’.  At the wake of 2018, he takes us on a journey far into the Galaxy that holds our Solar System “Milky Way” Volume 1 which is what he titles ‘his… this’ EP.

8. Chukky Chan – ‘I like it’

Here’s new music by Chukky Chan. It’s designed to get you off your feet.

9. Phrance

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