Pulse List: 5 times music stars have stopped sexual harassment at concerts

Posted on Dec 11 2017 - 2:18pm by admin

No longer will sexual harassment be slept under the carpet.

With the wake of sexual harassment scandals that have rocked the world, more people are being sensitive and vigilant including stars too.

Singers are beginning to grasp that they have a responsibility to stop sexual harassment in certain situations, mostly concerts.

Below is a list of singers who have used their powers to stop sexual harassment.

1. Wizkid





Wizkid while performing at a concert in Uganda stopped the show mid-way through his performance to call out a male fan who seen hitting a female fan. Wizkid who couldn’t hide his displeasure over the act had to warn the fan not ever hit a lady in his life. At the end of his statement, he asked the security at the concert to bring up to stage the lady in question who he said was going to party with him.

2. D’banj

Dbanj looking smashingplay

Dbanj looking smashing



D’banj was among the stars who performed at “Phynofest” in Enugu. The concert which saw a sold-out stadium was packed with a number of music stars. While performing at the show, Dbanj stopped the show abruptly and warned a fan who was sexually molesting a female fan. He later asked the security to bring the woman on the stage and called the act barbaric.

3. Drake

Drake raked in nearly $  100 million — but he's not No. 1.play

Drake raked in nearly $ 100 million — but he’s not No. 1.

(Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)


Just like other music stars who have stopped their concert mid-way to call out fans who harass women sexually at their shows, Drake didn’t fail to hide his discomfort for the unruly act at one of his concerts while in Australia. Drake actually threatened the fans who were assaulting the female fans that he would get off the stage and beat them up if the didn’t stop harassing the ladies.

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4. Sam Carter

Sam Carterplay

Sam Carter



Sam Carter who is the lead singer of the band “Architects” stopped his band from performing briefly at a concert in the Netherlands in August 2017. The talented singer told the mounting crowd that he noticed some guy grabbing a lady and he wanted such act to stop. He said he wouldn’t take such an act in his own concert. This statement was received by a large portion of the fans and the video immediately went viral with a lot of people applauding Sam Carter.

5. Brendan Ekstrom

Brendan Ekstromplay

Brendan Ekstrom



Brendan Ekstrom who is the guitarist for the American rock band ‘Circa Survive’ also stopped performing midway between his show to stop a fan who was harassing a female fan sexually.

The guitarist who said over his 20 years career he has never stopped performing midway said he was uncomfortable watching a guy forcibly touching a female fan while the show was on. He had to call the security which then took the guy out of the show.

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