President Trump Thinks Having Armed Teachers Could ‘Solve The Problem’ Of Shootings In Schools

Posted on Feb 22 2018 - 12:15am by admin

President Trump listened to passionate pleas about gun control from school shooting survivors and claimed that arming teachers is the best way to prevent such massacres.

This is just disgusting. After listening to students who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting massacre that killed 17, President Donald Trump, 71, on Feb. 21 seemed oblivious to their pleas for gun control. Instead, he thinks that arming teachers is the solution to preventing school shootings! Claiming that the average attack lasts about three minutes while it takes first responders 5-8 minutes to arrive, the tycoon said that armed teachers should be the ones stopping student gunmen. “If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly, and the good thing about a suggestion like that — and we’re going to be looking at it very strongly…but the good thing is you’ll have a lot of [armed] people with that.”

Teachers go into that profession to help students learn and grow, not be firearm pro’s expected to shoot people! Survivors and parents of the dead told Trump repeatedly that being able to buy a weapon of war like an AR-15 that was used in the murder spree should not be so easy and he came away with more guns being the answer. Trump even advocated for having armed ex-military personnel on school campuses instead of doing anything to stop people from purchasing automatic weapons so easily. What seemed lost on him is that there already was an ARMED GUARD on the Parkland, FL school campus, but that still wasn’t enough to stop Nikolas Cruz‘ Feb. 14 murder spree. Trump also insinuated that if football coach Aaron Freis — who died in the shooting while pushing students to safety — had been armed with a gun he could have prevented the tragedy at Douglas High.

It’s like he didn’t bother to listen to the students pleas and just parroted what the NRA wants to hear — MORE GUNS is the solution to school shootings!!! He was even told in the listening session that arming teachers is an inane idea. Mark Barden, who lost his son Daniel in the Sandy Hook massacre told Trump that, “Schoolteachers have more than enough responsibilities right now than to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life. Nobody wants to see a shootout in a school.” His wife is an educator so he knows first hand how much teachers already have on their plate without having to become firearms experts. It’s pretty clear that Trump simply didn’t care about the obvious point he made.

It’s worth asking Trump who is going to fund arming these teachers as well as training them in becoming expert shooters. Is the NRA going to pony up the money? And what if teachers don’t want to become trained marksmen/women? His favorite media outlet Fox News has been pushing the idea of arming teachers and even Florida’s Democratic Senator Bill Nelson told Brian Kilmeade what an asinine idea that was. On Feb. 15 just a day after the shooting the legislator told the Fox host, “Yeah, you asked about that — the fact is we can’t make our schools armed camps. I mean, that’s not practical, and it’s not reflective of our open society.” Precisely.

Even the Twittersphere flipped out at Trump’s idiotic idea of arming teachers instead of doing anything to change gun laws:

HollywoodLifers, do you think the U.S. needs stricter gun control laws? What do you think about Trump’s idea that teachers should be armed with guns?

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