Polling station opening hours: What time is YOUR polling station open until tonight?

Posted on May 24 2019 - 11:04am by admin

The European elections kickstarted today, with the UK and Netherlands the first of the EU’s 28 member states to vote. For the UK, this is the second round of elections to take place within the last month, after the local elections on May 2. Today, residents decide who will represent them in the EU Parliament until Brexit takes place in October. The government is currently working to ensure none of these elected MPs ever have to take their seats at all, however.

What time is your polling station open until tonight?

For those voting in person, polling stations are open today from 7am to 10pm.

Stations are normally located in local schools, halls or churches.

Those who have registered to vote via post won’t need to visit a station but will need to ensure their vote arrives by the 10pm cutoff.

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The UK and the Netherlands are the only countries scheduled to vote today, as other countries will vote over the weekend.

Ireland will go to the polls the day after the UK on May 24.

The Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia all vote on May 25.

The remaining 21 EU member states all vote on Sunday, May 26.

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When will results from the EU election be released?

Results from the UK will only come in once the entire bloc has cast its vote.

The first exit polls will be available from Sunday, May 26 at 10.15pm, when the last polling station closes in Italy.

Provisional polls are already predicting the result of the election for the UK, with the Brexit Party sitting out on top.

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Nigel Farage’s newest venture the Brexit Party has only extended the lead above the established parties it obtained two weeks ago.

Pollsters at YouGov predict the party will gain 37 percent of the vote.

The established parties are all lagging behind, with the Liberal Democrats at 19 percent, Labour on 13 percent and the Green Party on 12 percent.

Theresa May and the Conservatives stand to suffer a major loss, with just seven percent of the projected vote.

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