‘Political pain WON’T END’ May warned on Brexit – even IF deal gets through Commons

Posted on Dec 2 2018 - 2:35pm by admin

The new warning comes from Richard Whitman, a Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent. The Prime Minister faces the crunch ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal on December 11 as she desperately tries to drum up support from MPs strongly opposing the terms of the agreement. But the prospect of successfully getting it voted through in Parliament looks increasingly unlikely, with dozens of MPs from all political parties openly vowing to vote it down.

On Friday, European Council President Donald Tusk sent a warning to Britain when holding a press conference at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, when he said it would be “no deal or no Brexit at all” if the deal does’t gain parliamentary approval.

Professor Whitman told Express.co.uk even if the Prime Minister is successful, “the political pain will not end there”, as the UK will remain closely tied to European Union law with little say in anything until the end of the transition period in December 2020.

He also warned divisions will continue within the Government, Conservative Party and all of Parliament as Theresa May continues her attempts to ramp up support during negotiations on the future relationship.

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Professor Whitman said: “Assuming the UK government is able to find sufficient support in Parliament, the political pain will not end there.

“From March until the end of 2020, the UK will be in a period of ‘transition’ in which it will maintain adherence to EU policies, paying into the EU budget but be outside of its decision-making institutions.

“The UK will be the EU’s silent partner – having no say in the development of the EU but bound by its decisions, and with the UK government simultaneously trying to negotiate a permanent future relationship with the EU as a third country.

He added: “The future relationship negotiations will have to square commitments to maintain a close alignment with the EU contained in the Withdrawal Agreement, such as the so-called Irish backstop, with divisions on the ideal future relationship that exist within Government, in the Conservative Party, across Parliament and which are present within public opinion.

“The UK may be on road to leaving the EU but the EU is not going to leave the UK’s politics anytime soon.”

Professor Whitman explained three reasons why the UK’s politics will continue to be dominated by the EU for the foreseeable future – even after Brexit on March 29, 2019.

He warned Mrs May will face yet another fierce battle with Parliament if she is able to get her Brexit deal voted through the Commons around negotiations on the future relationship following the UK’s exit from the EU.

The expert also warned this could play into any upcoming general election, with Labour possibly taking advantage of the Tories’ stance on the issue at the time.

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He said: “Even if Mrs May succeeds in getting the Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament, the battle then begins with the Conservative Party – and within Parliament – on the UK’s objectives for the negotiations on the future relationship which start after the UK leaves the EU.

“The EU is an issue that will drive a conflict between London and Edinburgh and gives momentum to Nicola Sturgeon’s push for an independence referendum.

“The EU will also be the biggest issue in the next General Election.

“Labour will want to offer something different than the Tories so the parties are going to tussle over the future relationship with the EU.”

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