Poland’s leader stands firm on Brexit: Deal is ‘best’ UK will get and MUST be passed

Posted on Dec 22 2018 - 6:11pm by admin

Mateusz Morawiecki insisted that Mrs May’s deal would be good for the UK and the EU during talks with the Prime Minister today. Mr Morawiecki added that he hoped the Withdrawal Agreement would be implemented.

Speaking at Lancaster House, Mr Morawiecki said: “We believe the current Withdrawal Agreement is the best that could be obtained.

“It’s a window towards the future and based on the Withdrawal Agreement we shall be able to work out detailed trade relations under the new circumstances and also co-operation in the realm of international policy, security and all those areas of the utmost importance to us.

“This agreement should come into force – it would be beneficial for both parties and after March 2019 it will allow us to build solid, close relations between not only our respective countries but the UK and the EU.”

And Mrs May stressed that the Government’s focus is on getting her Brexit deal through Parliament amid growing Cabinet divisions.

It comes after Mrs May was forced to postpone the crunch vote on her unpopular deal over fears of an almost certain defeat.

The move prompted further calls for a second referendum, while the Prime Minister has ramped up preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

Asked about Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd’s comment that a second referendum could be an option, Mrs May said: “Cabinet ministers and I have all been very clear that we are working and focusing on working on ensuring that we can get the deal that we’ve agreed with the European Union agreed and through Parliament in the Meaningful Vote.

“Yes, we are having some further discussions with the European Union, we are seeking those greater political and legal assurances in relation to the issue that members of the House of Commons have raised, particularly about the Northern Ireland backstop and particularly ensuring that it cannot be indefinite.

“But everybody is very clear that not only what Government policy is but what we are all individually and collectively focused on is working to ensure that that deal is able to be agreed by and go through a meaningful vote in the House of Commons.”

On Wednesday, Ms Rudd said there would be a “plausible argument” for another referendum if Parliament is left in a deadlock over Mrs May’s Brexit deal.

But House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom insisted a “managed” no-deal would be an alternative and that a second referendum would be unacceptable.

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