Photos: Meet Josephine, the mother of Charles Okocha’s 10-year old son

Posted on Dec 12 2017 - 1:49am by admin

Its no news that Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has a 10-year old son named ‘Sean.

What many people don’t know is the Identity of the Sean’s mum. Well here she is. Her name is Josephine Joseph, an actress and CEO of Tasty Bite Foods.

She began dating Charles Okocha a.k.a Igwe 2pac about 12 years ago before she became his babymama when they gave birth to Sean 10 years ago and according to her it was ‘the best decision ever’ because ‘the risk was worth it’.

Photos: Meet Josephine, the mother of Charles Okocha

In her special message to her son on his 10th birthday, she wrote,

Happy #birthday to the love of my life @yungshiine, my sweet Potato, my tomato jos, the sugar in my garri, the best decision ever, the risk that was worth it. I am so happy today and filled with joy, as your mother I prophesy into your life that as from today,you are blessed and highly favoured, you are wise, you shall never lack anything good, you are the head only and never the tail, whatever you lay your hands on would prosper, all your needs are met, all your bills are paid, you shall never move in the circle of failures, your light(gift,talent,calling) will shine before men, you shall grow into a prince in all the phase of the earth, at every stage in your life, the right set of people you need in your life will surround you, you will never lack helpers in Jesus name and you will never forget the God of Abraham who has delivered all this blessings into your hands, you will love him and serve him in Jesus name Amen.
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