Orange Snow Overtakes Eastern Europe & Everyone Is Confused — What Is It?

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Should we call Mulder and Scully? Something strange is happening in Eastern Europe, and it’s freaking everyone out. Find out the reason why there’s orange snow on the ground!

Eastern Europeans were baffled when they went outside on Friday and over the weekend to be greeted by post-apocalyptic blankets of orange — yes, orange — dirty powder coating their streets, homes, and the slopes. Photos taken of the eerie landscapes look almost like sand dunes, and people have serious questions about what the hell is going on. Are we in the Shimmer from Annihilation? Are aliens taking over Eastern Europe? Sorry, but the real reason why countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova are getting pelted with orange snow is a lot more boring than everyone’s first guess.

The unearthly phenomenon, which made it look like people were skiing on Mars, is actually a natural occurrence that comes around roughly every five years, according to meteorologists. The orange snow was caused by a massive amount of sand from the Sahara Desert mixing with snow and rain, which traveled all the way to Eastern Europe, according to the BBC. Scary, bizarre, but totally normal. Though this happens every few years, the concentration of sand was much higher this year. Skiers and snowboarders on the slopes in Sochi, Russia, were actually complaining that they were getting sand in their mouths!

See photos from the wild phenomenon below:

Марсианские пейзажи, апокалипсис на горе сегодня! Я думала, что такое бывает только вблизи Африки, на Лансароте-Тенерифе или ещё где-то там, этот ветер горячий, который несёт песок из пустыни. Но в Поляне тоже произошло что-то невероятное, хотя пустыни довольно далеко. Если честно, жёлтый песок сверху мокрого снега, – зрелище необычное, но очень грустное. Сезон, и без того короткий, с каждым днём оставляет все меньше надежд на продолжение. #розахутор #песчанаябуря #желтыйснег #бурявкраснойполяне #rosakhutor #yellowsnow #sandstorm

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The storm actually reached parts of Greece, as well! The Athens Observatory said that this was one of the largest transfers from the Sahara Desert to Greece in history. They believe it’s at least the highest from the last 10 years.

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