Ohio 7th Grader Shoots Himself In His Middle School Bathroom, Forcing Kids To Go On Lockdown

Posted on Feb 21 2018 - 6:04am by admin

An entire school district is on lockdown after a student brought a gun into school & shot himself on campus. Community members are shocked at how this could even happen!

Less than a week after the Parkland, Florida school shootings, another school went on lockdown after a student brought a gun onto campus. This time however, the student shot himself, and no other individuals were injured — thank goodness. Even still though, the Jackson Local School District in Ohio’s Stark County went on lockdown on the morning of Feb. 20, right after the incident occurred. The child, a seventh grade boy at Jackson Memorial Middle School, reportedly shot himself in the boys bathroom just before 8am, according to CBS Cleveland affiliate WOIO. Click here to see pics from the Parkland, Florida vigil.

The boy was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital to be treated for the self-inflicted gunshot wound, however, his condition is not yet known. Police also did not reveal whether or not the shooting was intentional or accidental. “The Middle School and High School are on lockdown at this time,” Jackson Local Schools said in a statement. “Students will be released to their parents in the near future.” In addition to the middle and high school, all four elementary schools were also closed on Tuesday. A message on the school’s website said students would be released around 11 am, as the kids reportedly had to have their lockers searched first, before their parents could pick them up.

What people are most shocked at in the community, is how the young teen got access to a gun in the first place, and how he entered the school with it undetected. Gina Larkins has an eighth grade daughter, and she told News 5 that she saw police activity at the middle school on her way to drop off her other daughter at the elementary school. “I received a phone call from the superintendent that the middle school and high school was on lockdown and all the elementary schools would be closed. I just pulled in waiting to hear further information,” she said. “I just want to get my daughter and hug her and hold her. I thought it would never happen here but obviously, that is not the case.”

Anxious parents waited outside the school for their children to be released, while police explained that their heavy emergency response was a precaution.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you shocked that a seventh grader had access to a gun and was able to bring it into his school undetected?

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