Offset crashes Cardi B's performance to apologize to her but she rejects him

Posted on Dec 16 2018 - 11:55pm by admin

Offset tries to apologize to Cardi B during her performance at the Rolling Land Festival that ended on Saturday, but she rejects him.

The apology seem an attempt to make things right after the female rapper puts up a post on IG announcing that they are getting a divorce.

At the Rolling Land Festival in Los Angeles, Offset has his gesture of love turned down by his ex. A clip showing this is captured via Twitter.

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Offset’s lover sorry for crashing his marriage

Summer Bunni, the woman alleged to be Offset’s lover has expressed that she had no intention to intrude on his marriage.

She is captured with teary eyes in an exclusive video by TMZ.

In the clip, she apologizes  for failing to pay attention to how serious his marriage was with Cardi B.

“I have not met Offset since he had his baby i didn’t know how serious his wedding was.

“I kind of see things, it took like today to actually see things. Some girls will be like I took Cardi B’s nigga, I took his man, but for me, I feel very ashamed.

“I never wanted a breakup or someone to say fuck it and have a divorce.”

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