Nollywood veteran Victoria Inyama says women should dress appropriately to avoid getting raped

Posted on Aug 1 2020 - 5:50am by admin

In a video shared via her Instagram page on Friday, July 31, 2020, the mother of three said it is obvious the Nigerian government isn’t ready to fix a penalty to rape crime and so to avoid being a victim of rape, ladies should endeavor to dress appropriately.

“Appropriate Dressing & Comportment. It’s obvious to me that the Nigerian government is not really ready to put a fixed penalty to Rape and so l beg my ladies (minus the minors or aged victims) to plsssss 👗 dress in appropriate clothing so as to reduce the trigger for the perpetrators,” she wrote.

“A lot of these Perpetrators have underlying mental health issues & being around them in certain clothing is a trigger…..sadly the victim still gets to be shamed & ridiculed, so since this government is not ready to do much, it would be wise to safeguard yourself.”

Victoria Inyama [Instagram/VictoriaInyama]
Victoria Inyama [Instagram/VictoriaInyama]

“Yes, it’s not about the dressing some will say & compare with Europe & America but remember they take Rape cases seriously unlike Nigerian…..Think about it🤔 #notorape #notodomesticviolence.”

Over the last few months, there has been an increase in reported rape cases in Nigeria.

Music star, D'banj was accused of raping Seyitan Babatayo back in 2018 [Instagram/IamBangaLee] [LindaIkeji].
Music star, D’banj was accused of raping Seyitan Babatayo back in 2018 [Instagram/IamBangaLee] [LindaIkeji].

More interestingly are the cases of some celebrities who have been called out for allegedly getting involved in the distasteful and disgraceful act.

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