Nikolas Cruz: Police Called To FL Gunman’s House 39 Times In 7 Years — Another Warning Sign?

Posted on Feb 16 2018 - 5:00pm by admin

Another disturbing development in the Parkland, FL shooting: police responded to 39 calls at gunman Nikolas Cruz’ home in the past 7 years. What happened?

As more information becomes available about Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old who gunned down 17 of his former classmates and faculty members at a high school in Florida, the more disturbing it becomes. According to documents out of Florida obtained by CNN, Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Cruz’s home an astounding 39 times since 2010. The sheriff’s office received emergency calls from the residence that included reports of a “mentally ill person,” “child/elderly abuse,” “domestic disturbance,” “missing person,” and more. The details of the calls and what happened when sheriffs responded to the home are not known at this time.

Additionally, most of the calls were marked “no written report.” Cruz and his family no longer lived at the home as of January 2017. His mother, Lynda Cruz, died in November 2017, and he and his brother, TK Cruz, went to live with with family and friends. Was the pattern of 911 calls to the Cruz home another warning sign about Nikolas? Again, there is no information available to indicate that Nikolas was involved in any of those incidents.

More information continues to come forward about the school shooter’s past. The FBI reportedly began investigating Cruz in September 2017 after a YouTuber, Ben Bennight, 36, contacted the bureau about a disturbing comment on one of his videos. The commenter went by “Nikolas Cruz” and commented, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” He told Buzzfeed News that the FBI responded to his report immediately, questioned him about the incident, and never contacted him again.

It’s unclear whether or not the YouTube commenter is the same Nikolas Cruz, or just someone with the same name. The leader of white nationalist group Republic of Florida then confirmed that Cruz was a member, and had participated in tactical training exercises. They denied that they ever ordered an attack on the school or anything like that, however. 

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