Nigel Farage BOOED by BBC Question Time audience in BREXIT stronghold Blackpool

Posted on Mar 2 2018 - 3:33pm by admin

The former Ukip leader was booed and lambasted by the audience during the screening at the Brexit stronghold.

The question asked by the audience member was: “Is it fair that on two occasion planning permission to frack this area was not approved by the council and the Government overruled us?”

To which there was a massive stormy applause by the audience.

Mr Farage thinks that Blackpool could see thousands of well-paid jobs in the area because of it.

He said, boldly: “It’s right of Government to have concerns, there is a very effective lobby against fracking and they have been very good at it, they have been very good at putting the fear of God into people.

“No form of the extractive industry doesn’t bring some degree of risk with it, whether it is coal mining or whatever it may be.

“We have been fracking since the 1950s. America has done more of it than we’ve done but we have done a bit of fracking in this country.

“What you have got in this part of England is the most phenomenal reserve of natural gas.

“Exploited carefully and sensibly, it would not leave great scars on the landscape like coal mining did in many areas and it would revolutionise the economy of the northwest of England by providing tens of thousands of well-paid jobs.”

The audience jeered at this, but Mr Farage went on, nonetheless.

He added: “We must be mad to look a gift-horse in the mouth.”

To which there were loud boos and jeers.

One audience member was incensed by the former Ukip leaders remarks.

He blasted, staring at the MEP with fierce eyes: “What we are seeing is an interesting parallel between the will of the people vote.

“The will of the people was is for one and not the other.”

The audience whooped and cheered at this.

But Nigel Farage cooly rebutted: “If people don’t want it that’s fine and they have a referendum on it that’s fine.”

The audience member sat forward and basted: “It was the will of the people.”

Mr Farage said: “Well that shows you how we can modernise our local democracy doesn’t it?”

Fracking in Blackpool is currently a case test of whether the whole industry should get the go ahead across the UK, but it is very controversial.

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