Nick Foles In Tears Of Happiness Holding Baby Daughter While He Thanks Family & Fans

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Nick Foles’ improbable rise to Super Bowl winning quarterback left him in tears after his  Eagles won the big game. We’ve got him crying tears of joy while thanking their fans.

What an underdog story. The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52 over the highly favored New England Patriots and it was the highlight of quarterback Nick Foles‘ NFL career. He wept tears of joy upon taking to the stage after the Feb. 4 game to discuss the team’s epic victory. He held on tightly his baby daughter Lily — who wore adorable pink earphones to protect her ears from the noise inside of Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium. Nick was named the Super Bowl MVP while holding his little girl in a jean jacket with her daddy’s name on the back throughout the post-game celebrations.

Nick thanked God for his team’s victory during the post-game celebration while cradling sweet Lily. “All glory to God. Lily really likes this mic. She has no idea,” as the little one tried to grab the microphone while her dad was being interviewed for the biggest moment of his professional life. He went on to praise his teammates and coaching staff. “To be here with my daughter, my wife, my teammates, this city….we’re very blessed,” he said tearfully.

The 29-year-old backup was called into action after week 14 of the NFL season when the team’s star QB Carson Wentz, 25, went down with a season-ending injury. Against all odds he led the Eagles over stronger teams through the playoffs, all the way to the NFL Championship. The moment was so overwhelming for him in his improbably journey. He managed to outplay the greatest QB of all time Tom Brady, 40, and was absolutely brilliant in executing plays. In a thrilling move, he became the first player in NFL history to throw and catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl in a sick play where he tossed the ball to a teammate who to who threw it to number nine as he was waiting in the end zone.

The crazy thing is Nick is now the Super Bowl champion and MVP, but he might be looking for a new team in the off-season. He was simply Carson’s backup and has now proved that he has what it takes to be an elite NFL quarterback. Since the Eagles likely won’t be letting Carson get away, Nick will be a hot prospect in the off-season and has totally ignited a mighty second chance in the league with a Super Bowl win under his belt. Carson may have secured the Eagles their playoff berth in 2017, but Nick took them through the playoffs to National Champions in 2018.

Even Carson gave Nick MAJOR props for his big win:

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