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Namibia: Nored Ex-Staff Members Charged With Fraud

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THE northern electricity distributor (NoRED) has instituted criminal and civil cases against served of its former employees.

The cases, involving fraud amounting to N$4,1 million, are currently being heard in court.

Etegameno Indongo-Antindi, NoRED’s company secretary, says one of the accused employees resigned with immediate effect when legal action was initiated.

Two employees from the distributor’s finance department also resigned with immediate effect.

One employee resigned while the company’s accounts were being audited, and another resigned shortly thereafter.

Two other employees were suspended in October 2018, pending ongoing investigations.

“In 2015 Nored uncovered a fraud case committed by four internal employees and resolved to investigate the matter and bring in an external auditor to do a forensic audit on vendor records.

“So it’s basically in vending where the crime was committed. From the investigation, it was discovered that we lost about N$5 million, but the period that was investigated is only from 2013 to 2015, so in order to recover that money, internal investigations and preliminary hearings have taken place, and none of the involved employees are in [our] employment any longer. On top of that, we have instituted criminal charges against them to make sure they are punished for their [alleged] crimes,” Indongo-Antindi alleges.

She says the company has further instituted civil cases against the employees to recover the money that was allegedly stolen.

“Although we can also recover from the civil case in terms of the process, the investigating officers have done an extensive investigation on the properties that were acquired as a result of the fraud. So the matter is adjourned at the moment for continuation of the trial,” Indongo-Antindi says.

According to police reports, the former employees allegedly provided electricity vendors with more electricity units than they purchased.

The ex-staffers then reportedly collected money from the additional units sold and deleted details of the transactions from the distributor’s system.

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