NAKED pics of hard left student Josh Connor in altercation with Jacob Rees-Mogg surface

Posted on Feb 4 2018 - 5:49pm by admin

Joshua Connor, 24, is understood to be an ardent Labour supporter and part of a group of far-left activists who heckled the Conservative MP as he started to give a talk at the University of the West of England on Friday evening.

Mr Connor disguised his face with sunglasses, baseball cap and a hoody during the rowdy protest and could be heard shouting: “No platform for homophobia. No platform for racists.” 

But he was identified by other students on social media yesterday as he was already quite well known on the Bristol campus after unsuccessfully running for Student Union President three years earlier using a campaign poster in which he posed naked.

The former creative media student only came third and claimed the vote was rigged.

His motto to “bare all” in his publicity material three years ago was an attempt to call for accountability and open debate.

In social media messages to his father, a software engineer, he said: “I’m telling you to man the cannons for the socialist revolution.”

The left-winger now works as a recruiter for a customer services outsourcing firm, but he still has a passion for student politics, according to his social media profiles.

His Facebook likes include the “We support Jeremy Corbyn” group, Momentum and local Labour Party pages.

His identification comes after a video was posted on social media showing the planned talk descending into chaos with Mr Rees-Mogg involved in the fracas as a punch is thrown.

It is unclear whether the punch was in the direction of the Mr Rees-Mogg, but he appears to step in front of an antagonist.

Video footage reportedly shows Mr Connor swinging a punch during the incident, apparently in response to his girlfriend, Andreea Dumitrache, being struck in the face by a man in a white shirt.

Andreea Dumitrache, 25, believed to be a Romanian student said: “The member of the audience in the white shirt started getting violent towards the people being disruptive. 

“I was standing in front of him when he punched me. No student was violent here. He was clearly a supporter but it didn’t look like it was someone from Mogg’s team.”

Mr Connor’s 82-year-old grandmother Jillian Connor said: “I saw it and I thought surely not. You naughty boy.

Speaking from her cottage in Kent, she added: “He is a very keen Socialist, slightly to the left of Trotsky, he is an ardent Labour supporter.

“Who does not get cross with Rees-Mogg occasionally? I can’t say I’m surprised, but I thought [Connor] was maturing.”

After the event, Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “They shouted at me but they weren’t going to hit me. They didn’t want to talk politics, they just wanted to stop the event.”

He added he has had “worse confrontations with The Guardian” and was “absolutely fine” after the event.

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